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User Info: TheArkOfTurus

1 month ago#461
44. Beat a game based on licensed stories/characters

Jump Ultimate Stars

Hey look I replayed another old game for no discernible reason. I could really go for a new one of these. Shame we're stuck with games like Jump Force.

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User Info: RyoCaliente

1 month ago#462
14. Beat a JRPG

Pokémon HeartGold Version

I really love Pokémon. Hall of Fame: Prodigy (Typhlosion), Sploosh (Politoed), Angelus (Togetic), Ms. Mittens (Ambipom), Flowey (Sunflora), A Tree. (Sudowoodo).

How paralyzingly dull, boring and tedious!

User Info: TheArkOfTurus

4 weeks ago#463
9. Beat a remake or enhanced port

Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors

A lot easier than I remember it being, hopefully hard mode fixes that somewhat. Still a good time. Eager to try out the new characters.

Our eyes were removed
For our own safety

User Info: Mega Mana

Mega Mana
4 weeks ago#464
40. Finish a game that took you at least twenty-five hours to beat


- Beat it over the past week. Did my savescumming best to not kill anyone, but managed to have two deaths in the second chapter. Still, low chaos stealth mode was kind of fun. Maybe play around again later going full boom kit just to have the high chaos difficulty.

It was fun. It's crazy how big name the voice cast is when I barely even noticed it.
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User Info: Arti

4 weeks ago#465
5. Beat a game released in 2019

Crossovers by POWGI

48. Beat a game that starts with the first letter of your username

Antiquia Lost


User Info: MZero11

3 weeks ago#466
2. Beat a game released between 1990-1999

Final Fantasy VII

Reply on PS4 for the platinum

21. Beat a strategy game

Fire Emblem: Awakening


MZero, to the extreme
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User Info: ZeroSignal620

3 weeks ago#467
2. Beat a game released between 1990-1999 - Joe and Mac 2
37. Beat a game that's been in your backlog for a long time - Bloodborne
Formerly known as Raven 2
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Cody11533

3 weeks ago#468
31. Beat a game with a child lead
Costume Quest
"Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone." -Satoru Iwata
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User Info: RyoCaliente

2 weeks ago#469
4. Beat a game released between 2010-2018
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Achievement grab. Surprisingly, nothing that was too hard. Foxiest of the Hounds was pretty annoying until I figured out to just avoid enemies rather than deal with them. Legend was pretty fun as dealing with every enemy just made me insanely overleveled and OP. Missing Link DLC had some annoying moments because I had become so reliant on the cloaking that actual stealthing got hard, but nothing that couldn't be overcome.

36. Replay a game from a long time ago
Half-Life 2: Episode One

Fun to go back to this for achievements, haven't played HL in a long time. But good lord One Free Bullet...I started out thinking it probably wouldn't be that hard but f*** EXIT 17 and f*** THAT STRIDER. How can an entire city in rubble have so few things to fling with the GG...ugh.
How paralyzingly dull, boring and tedious!

User Info: HBJDubs

2 weeks ago#470
and here's the other reason I won't beat the challenge this year

50-52. Beat three games in a series
14. Beat a JRPG

.Hack//G.U Last Recode

First three volumes for the series, and the 4th volume into the JRPG slot. In total about 150 hours put into this. Good series though

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