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User Info: KCF0107

4 weeks ago#321
Anniversary is Halo: CE with an updated game engine. If you played it via MCC, there is a button to toggle between the two, and you will see that it is a carbon-copy except for visual details.
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy

User Info: MZero11

4 weeks ago#322
38. Beat a game you'd dropped or had a long hold on
Dragon Quest VI

Started in September of 2017, finally finished!

MZero, to the extreme
Listen to Advokaiser's bracket, this may be our last chance

User Info: 249USDollars

4 weeks ago#323
18. Beat a third-person shooter
The Last of Us


User Info: BetrayedTangy

4 weeks ago#324
47. Play a technically unbeatable game for at least six hours

Viva PiƱata

Such an underrated gem. This is one of the few games that I can just sit down and enjoy for hours on end
My Quest to beat the Final Fantasies: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XII XIII XV

User Info: Dragon66116

4 weeks ago#325
37. Beat a game that's been in your backlog for a long time
Sonic & Knuckles
Suddenly, Mudkips. Thousands of them.(preferably OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Congrats to Advokaiser, 2018 Guru champ.

User Info: Cody11533

4 weeks ago#326
47. Play a game that's technically unbeatable for at least six hours
Dead by Daylight
"Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone." -Satoru Iwata
"11533 >>> 1001 imo" - Jeff Zero

User Info: 249USDollars

4 weeks ago#327
13. Beat a WRPG
South Park: The Stick of Truth


The genre for this has always puzzled me. Is it a JRPG because the gameplay is pretty much identical to Paper Mario which is definitely a JRPG, or is it a WRPG because it wasn't made in Japan?

I feel the same way with Dragon's Dogma where that one is more similar to a WRPG, but was made in Japan.

User Info: RyoCaliente

4 weeks ago#328
46. Beat a game that features historical events or people
Battlestations: Pacific
How paralyzingly dull, boring and tedious!

User Info: Mega Mana

Mega Mana
3 weeks ago#329
20. Beat an action game

Grim Dawn

What It Is: A fun Diablo-clone that was free-to-play for Memorial Day weekend.

- Conjurer, L58, beated. Tempted to purchase the game, but may wait wait for Steam Summer Sale. Disappointed that switching difficulty just resets back to the beginning, and that I can't make a new character on the harder difficulty. Really wanted to try out a new type of character, but don't really want to grind through a second time.
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User Info: BetrayedTangy

3 weeks ago#330
27. Beat a game with mystery as a central theme

Hotel Dusk: Room 215
My Quest to beat the Final Fantasies: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XII XIII XV
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