9 months ago #2

BOLD PREDICTION: Sheik beats Zelda one-on-one. Sheik is so much better than Zelda in every Smash-game and Sheik steals the show from Zelda in her strongest LoZ-game, so Sheik is taking this if given the chance to face her. It's too bad we might not ever get to prove that prediction though, due to some ineligibility rule...so if SBAllen must decide there can only be one of them in at a time, then Sheik will just have to kick Zelda out and prove her dominance through nominations.

For our closing argument...Epona proved something important in 2013: the Legend of Zelda has more to offer our Character Battles. Epona outseeded both Ganondorf and Zelda, and then she beat Ike by almost as much as Pikachu could. That isn't just the result of joke-support; that's legitimacy within the Nintendo fanbase. People love this series and its characters, so now we can prove it again with another fan-favorite named Sheik.

It’s time for a new legend.

Rally for Sheik. Oust the princess.
O P E R A T I O N O U S T : Nominate SHEIK!