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*LoZ and Smash spoilers below*

From the user who brought you Team Chocolate, The Stable, and Metal Men...and the user who brought you Yoshimitsu, Corvo, and the Metal Sonic Army...comes the loftiest goal for a rally in Board 8 history.

Welcome to the official Sheik-rally! We have one goal: ensure Sheik (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) gets in the next Character Battle by out-nominating Princess Zelda.

Don’t think it’s possible? Epona out-seeded her in 2013...and we weren't even trying.

Somebody play Zelda's Lullaby, because we're putting her to rest.


128 characters seen in Super Smash Bros. have been featured in at least one match. We have also seen 171 playable fighting game characters that are featured in at least one match. All of these characters have been given their chance before Sheik, a repeatedly top-tier fighting character in a repeatedly top-tier fighting series.

It's time we stop this injustice with a game-winning Bouncing Fish.

Cue music.


So why Sheik? Let's start with her origin. Sheik stars in Nintendo's all-time classic game, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She comes to Link's aid in a shroud of mystery, teaching you the songs you need for warping to each adult dungeon. Her reveal near the end is a memorable moment, forever reminding us about that one time in the ‘90s when Zelda was cool.

Sheik’s impact allowed her to return as an alternate costume in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We also saw her become playable in Hyrule Warriors. That’s pretty neat!


All that is hype enough as is, but also this rally began because Sheik kicks ass in Super Smash Bros. She just made it into Ultimate, the fifth game in the series...and yet, out of all the playable characters, Sheik is the only one left who's been in every Smash-game since Melee but has not made it into a match yet. She is also the highest-tier Smash-character we haven’t seen yet. This puts her lagging behind fifty-eight playable characters and seventy other characters seen in the series who made it in before her. Sheik deserves a chance!

Meanwhile, while we're talking about the Smash-series, do you know who's not that good? Zelda! There’s a good reason Nintendo completely separates Sheik and Zelda in the past two Smash-games: becoming Sheik was Zelda's best feature, and starting as Zelda was Sheik's worst problem. #DownB

Strength-wise, Sheik's a wildcard with a high floor. She's beating at least 80% of the characters we've seen in Smash before. Few characters we've seen in any other fighting game would stand a chance against her either. Meanwhile, from the LoZ-series, she crushes the likes of Tingle, Groose, and Midna. Sheik-fans are far more openly proud than Epona's fans, so chalk up a win there too. On the other end of the spectrum, Sheik would resist SFF against Link better than Ganondorf did either time due to Smash.

Whether we talk about LoZ, Smash, the fighting genre, or even GameFAQs contests in general, there is arguably no bigger snub than Sheik.
O P E R A T I O N O U S T : Nominate SHEIK!