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User Info: NFUN

5 months ago#1
Welcome to the the Videogame Music Guessing Game <GAMEFAQS THREAD>! This place is usually only <ACTIVE WHEN PEOPLE ANNOUNCE A GAME>. To enter the game, simply:
-join the <#VGMGG> voice chat
-listen to what music is playing
-be the first to guess what song is playing and/or what game the soundtrack is from to get points
The game gets harder as time goes on, starting with easy songs and ending with almost impossible to guess songs.

Here are the rules. Make sure you read them properly since the game is a bit complex:
-You get 1 point for each correct guess, such as the name of the game or the song's name. This means you can get 2 points per song. When the song name isn't guessed, you can get points for explaining where/when the song plays.
-INSANE DIFFICULTY gives you 3 points instead of 1 for any correct guesses.
-Incomplete guesses get 0.5 points. This means saying Paper Mario instead of Super Paper Mario, for example. Incomplete guesses give 0 points in insane mode.
-Vague guesses get no points. This goes for saying Pokemon or Mario on their own instead of the game itself as they are huge series.
-Abbreviations are fine as long as they aren't vague. This means saying OoT instead of Ocarina of Time is fine. Typos are also fine.
-You are not allowed to guess "stage 1, stage 2, stage 3" by spamming. This also means something like Megaman 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
-No googling, looking up on youtube or searching names. You'll be disqualified for that.

If you win you get the <THE SATISFACTION OF WINNING>.
Remember, these guessing games are not just about getting points, but also listening and finding new videogame music. Enjoy yourself and don't get salty!
Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

User Info: NFUN

5 months ago#2
Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

User Info: MycroProcessor

5 months ago#3
dire is running a mini list right now! join soon for that if you want to play it!

User Info: pyresword

5 months ago#4
Oh hi.

If I disappear from b8 vgm for the next several weeks it's because of Smash okay.
Congratulations to BK_Sheikah00, this year's guru to achieve contest enlightenment!

User Info: KCF0107

5 months ago#5
Okay, I should be available to participate and host games from now through the end of January.
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy

User Info: UltraMana

5 months ago#6
Inviso posted...
Did you not submit your own list?

kateee posted...
all right, guess i won't be able to do this since i'm never going to watch SoPa &amp; Caramoan..

I have some welcome company on Exile Island.

*looks at Thailand, Vanuatu, Worlds Apart, Kaoh Rong, Millenials vs. Gen-X, and I think HHH because I don't recognize a single name on that cast list even though I could've sworn I watched the fall season o_O*

User Info: MaleB8er

5 months ago#7
I think it's ridiculous that they're already showing trailers for DLC characters who were clearly not added to the game specifically so they could be sold as DLC. Greedy ass company.
that turns me on

User Info: MaleB8er

5 months ago#8
He was listed as both names on the nomination form so there wasn't really any way to know which would be used, and one name is specifically not even in the game, so it's a fair change. If you happened to meta your way out of a point based on the incorrect name, that seems like a big case of "Oh well."
that turns me on

User Info: Gmun

5 months ago#9
Broly killing Frieza would be the god damn best thing ever
gmun alt

User Info: FL81

5 months ago#10
I'll be hosting a game in a couple hours! (4 P.M. EST)
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