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User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
4 weeks ago#351
Tentative PPV schedule: (it will be a while before this is even relevant, so there's still time for input, I just like planning >_>)
1: Exile
2: Lethal Lottery
3: Extreme Rules
4: King of Trios
5: Torneo Cibernetico
6: Pyramid Thingy (I will look up what the actual name was at some point)
7: Summer Spectacular
8: Night of Champions
9: Tag World Grand Prix
10: Cyber Sunday
11: Gift of the Gods
12: Survivor Series
13: King of the Ring
14: Royal Rumble (we will start here after next show)
15: PLAAYMania
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User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
4 weeks ago#352
in the meantime
no mashup because rave doesn't wanna work but

Show 39: Redemption

(let me know if you don't wanna be tagged but I figured that might be nice to do for everybody)

-Scare is in the ring to welcome the UCA Champ, Bangladesh Dupree. Bang rambles for a while, bored since she doesn't have a match tonight. She delivers a long-winded and rambling promo about everything that comes into her head. Suddenly, sneaking up behind her with dog-like stealth, is Panthera! THE POUNCE! Panth gives us a good bark over the fallen champ.

- @Korayashi is here to remind us that mustaches are NOT beards, so Mario doesn't get a pass tonight.

-Mastery of Taybles: Champion Korayashi v. Mario
Kora shrugs off a series of blows and hits a slam instead. Mario retaliates with a flying hip drop. Mario sends Kora into the ropes with a standing dropkick, then onto the apron with a second. Running dropkick....sends Kora through a tayble! Man, Mario just took those shots and came right back!
Winner and NEW MoT: Mario

-Cueto is tired of dealing with Bowser's ego, and doesn't even know why David's here. Hopefully they bump each other off tonight, because he's tired of this feud.

-Hardcore Title: Champion Bowser v. @davidponte
David comes loaded for BEAR, grabbing a monitor from the announcers and whacking Bowser with it on the outside. Quick appeal to the crowd, and then a splash from the apron. Bowser yells at the fans to shut up as he struggles to his feet- unfortunately he doesn't notice that David is sneaking up on him with a plate of glass. Glass doesn't do a ton to his shell, but still, man! Bowser shakes it off and just powers david down to the concrete floor, following up with a splash of his own. David's gonna be feeling that one! Bowser throws a gas can at him, but thankfully the gas doesn't spill. Bowser looks for more plunder....and pulls out TAFKA CPU's old car door! He menaces with it....but David Van Daminators him with it! Bowser stumbles backwards and falls over the steel steps! Bowser's gonna be feeling that one! They're both kinda out of it now! David with a knee drop to Bowser's head, still on the arena floor. Bowser gets a little claw swipe in. Wait a second....here comes the MLMF! @Eddv and Truth beatdown David, brawling him into the crowd! It's all legal under hardcore rules, but this match can't really continue! Has Bowser joined MLMF?

-Later tonight, a rabid Undertaker fan would assault Bowser outside the arena. Bowser will be out for a few months.

-Eaed gives a heartfelt promo about Maniac's betrayal and the EXPLOSION of the Randomaniacs, but the King cuts him off mid-sentence with a flamboyant entrance.

-Match: @eaedwards6400 w/Time Cops v. King @Maniac64
Maniac is not having it with this guy, and lays into Eaed with power offense right off the bat. He's got him dead to rights in an armbreaker, but has a moment of compassion, and lets him go...which is a mistake, as Eaed is then able to rally back with an inspired combination of strikes. Eaed tackles Maniac to the outside, and both men take a while to come back. Maniac gets the initiative back, and taunts Eaed after landing a couple of moves. Towering flapjack! Maniac has Eaed, but breaks off the cover. Nightwing slides in the ring, and demands to take over as ref! The Time Cops argue, but Nightwing isn't having it. Maniac hits an Implant DDT in the confusion...1....2....3! Nightwing shakes Maniac's hand.
Winner: Maniac

-Ludwig von Koopa comes out and riles up the crowd, mocking the Undertaker and wearing an MLMF shirt.
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User Info: Eddv

4 weeks ago#353
R Truth
Ludwig von Koopa

Get in mates
Board 8's Voice of Reason
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
4 weeks ago#354

-Match: ECHO v. Ludwig von Koopa
Ludwig pokes ECHO in the eye and keeps on trollin'. ECHO then proceeds to beat the snot out of Ludwig, throwing in a chokeslam for good measure. Ludwig creates some space with an illegal Mechakoopa or three. ECHO eventually finds a way around them, and rolls Ludwig up, using the ropes because old habits die hard. 1...2..3! We have somehow avenged Undertaker by rolling up Bowser's son! That and y'know he's gonna get taken out backstage soon anyway.
Winner: ECHO

-B.B. from Fate is backstage with Bryan. She gives her senpai a nice relaxing massage to get him ready! Of course, the massage is probably a little too relaxing, and Bryan stumbles out looking less than perfectly ready for a fight.

-Match: Daniel Bryan v. Ric Flair
The match immediately goes to the mat, and Bryan takes control until Flair escapes to the outside. Bryan follows outside, but Flair is able to stay one step ahead by matching wits against Bryan's speed advantage. The match goes back and forth for a while, and in and out of the ring. Flair almost puts Bryan away with a knee drop into a sucker punch into an eye gouge into a Figure Four, but Bryan finds the ropes. Bryan hits Flair with the Knee Plus while Flair argues with the ref....and another one! Flair's out! 1....2....3!
Winner: Bryan

-Aisha Clan Clan comes in the ring to celebrate with Bryan! Man he's getting all the waifus.

-Cena is not quite sure why @XIII_rocks gets to just waltz in and get a shot. Maybe it's because Cena's retained this title against half the roster already, maybe it's because Cueto thought he was somebody else, maybe it's just because he's from across the pond! Who knows? But Cena has always been a fighting champion, and the Champ! Is!....hit with falling rocks from the rafters in a "terrible" "accident!" XIII appears and puts the boots to him as the bell rings.

-B8WL Championship: Champion John Cena v. XIII_rocks
are you kidding game on the FIRST CARD OF THE MATCH XIII beats Cena out of the ring! He beats him into the crowd! XIII beats him with some rocks! XIII beats him with some socks! XIII beats him on the floor! XIII beats him with a car door! He beats him from a mount! He goes back to the ring and beats the count! And Cena doesn't. Title doesn't change hands on a countout, but XIII has made a daggum statement, leaving the champ laying.
Winner by countout but NOT the new champion: XIII

-Cena struggles to his feet and takes his belt back, but XIII is just grinning at him. PSYCHO CRUSHER on Cena! Bison out of nowhere, and Bang is right behind him with the UCA Title! They hold Cena up, and XIII slaps him. What is this dangerous new alliance?
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User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
4 weeks ago#355
-RUMBLE SEASON is upon us! Pretty much everybody on the roster is going to be in, minus the B8WL title match and maybe another match or two. PM me with somebody NOT on the roster, and they'll be in the Rumble! (I reserve the right to ask for a second choice if you pick somebody I don't think I can work with, but I doubt it'll be an issue >_>) That should still leave a few open slots for me to add some surprise guests of my own, too :D
-Three celebs this time!
-In addition to Maniac/Kora/Zangief, it looks like XIII/Bison/Bang is also gonna be a stable that needs a name! Gimme some ideas if you have them.

Bowser hosts
Bryan v. Truth
Strife v. Flair
MoT: Mario (c) v. Kora
Boko+Eaed v. Maniac+Zangief
Cena+Rock+Scare v. XIII+Bison+Bang
HC Title: David v. Eddv


B8WL: Cena v. XIII
30-man Royal Rumble

UCA: Bang (c) v. Panth
Ludwig joins MLMF???
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User Info: IhatethisCPU

4 weeks ago#356
Honestly have no ideas for either stable's name at this present time because busy watching the Rumblethon, unless either group actually wants to be called Y2Kronik or Jawnny's Long-suffering Bathtub.

Jonny Sucks
Hansi K├╝rsch
Cluny the Scourge
"Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you." Night Vale Radio

User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
4 weeks ago#357
side note: it's kinda weird how we keep getting three-man stables

Penta/Mundo/Bang, sorta
Maniac/Zangief/Kora, probably

I'd push for a trios division if we had a slightly bigger roster and the ability to keep a group employed and together for more than a month at a time >_>
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User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
4 weeks ago#358
also, should I make Ludvig permanently part of the roster? I wasn't planning on it, especially after ECHO "decisively" beat him and Bowser got put out of commission, but I do kinda wanna see him in MLMF and it wouldn't hurt us to add him as like a Bowser stand-in
Tone yo' flab

User Info: IhatethisCPU

4 weeks ago#359
I'm fine with a Dragon Gate style stable system, but yeaaaaaaaah. ...Lessee how the Rumble turns out and go from there, perhaps?

....also I'm weirdly okay with Ludvig getting in to stand-in for Bowser
"Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you." Night Vale Radio

User Info: IhatethisCPU

4 weeks ago#360
https://rave.dj/ogkMSHdqml6fUA don't worry about these)
"Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you." Night Vale Radio
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