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User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
6 months ago#1
Welcome (back) to B8WL, the topic where I flip a bunch of cards and roll a bunch of dice to book a pro wrestling fed crossing over real pro wrestlers, fictional characters, and board 8ers! This uses Face to the Mat, a nifty little game by the good folks at Plaay Games. I like to ask for input occasionally, most often by letting y'all nominate celeb cameos. Speaking of which, since it's a new topic I will take one celeb nom per person until the next cycle! This project is about 60% RNG+charts, 30% me, and 10% y'all. And 5% falling victim to random purge rate spikes. I try to update about once a week...but it could be a lot more or less than that depending on how life's going.

Signups are always open, although there is a pretty long queue at this point. I'll give a bit of priority if you seem particularly excited or involved over time, but even if you just throw down a "put me in" I'll get there...eventually...probably. Feel free to give some guidance as to how you envision your character, or not!

Here's a google sheet:
This has about all the info you could ever want on the state and history of B8WL! Be careful though because it's what I use to book so if you poke around too much while I'm in the middle of an update you might see some spoilers before I post them.

If you want the cliffs notes:

-B8WL Champion: John Cena started his second reign by defeating Eaed. He has retained by dusty DQ over Pentagon Jr., and is gearing up for a triple threat defense against Penta and Miz.
-UCA Champion: Undertaker recently took it off Bison, who took it almost immediately off of davidponte after its introduction.
-Master of Taybles: Incineroar was just handed this belt randomly by Vince McMahon. Yet to defend.
-Hardcore: Korayashi won this last PPV in a Feast or Fired Lockbox!
-King of the Ring: Maniac finally prevailed over Miz and earned his respect!

-Miz is a face, despite his tag team (KoopAWESOME) with Bowser.
-Bryan turned heel (before it was cool!) by savagely attacking B8WL Owner Dario Cueto. In Cueto's absence, Vince McMahon has been the interim GM. Bryan is tired of trying to rally all these WEAK babyfaces, and will now dispose of them, starting with Macho Man!
-CPU, Kora, and Eddv (and Caelus) have formed the MEN OF LOW MORAL FIBER, who alternate rapidly between looking like major threats and getting completely embarrassed in big matches. It looked like there was tension in the ranks, but they seem to have resolved it, and Kora even got the Hardcore Title out of the deal! Bowser has now called them out as clowns...
-Cena is a bit of an edgy face, claiming that the buddy buddy group of Maniac, Miz, Eaed, and (formerly) Bryan are manipulating the fans and the system. Only Rock really has his back.
-Pentagon Jr's sidekick Sandor Clegane fell victim to the Feast or Fired box.
-Johnny Mundo, Bangladesh DuPree, Incineroar, and R-Truth (who was hired by Incineroar with his Feast or Fired Lockbox) have been hanging out together a lot lately.
-Most of the faces are kinda jerks, actually.
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User Info: ScareChan

6 months ago#2
Celebrity connor McGregor

User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
6 months ago#3
Show #20

-@eaedwards6400 welcomes us to the PERFECT FUTURE! His guest none other than the returning DARIO CUETO! Cueto is none too happy to be here, especially after what Eaed's buddy Bryan did to him! Eaed does not condone Bryan's actions, and doesn't appreciate being lumped in with him. A "Cueeeeetoooooo" chant breaks out, tilting Cueto as he starts yelling about respect and power. The fans get in his head enough that he demands that Eaed FIGHT HIM RIGHT NOW! Eaed seems a bit reluctant, but the boss's word is law.

-MATCH: eaed v. Cueto
Despite some good trickery on the part of Cueto, no low blow or chair shot or banning of the Time Cops from ringside is gonna change this outcome. Eaed ends this as mercifully quickly as he is able. Ludvig Von Beethoven rolls Cueto out of the ring while glaring at Eaed.
Winner: Eaed

-Persona 3 MC thinks Bison is all talk, and that Sonic can beat him easily.

-Match: Sonic w/Tails v. M. Bison
Sonic goes for an early bodyslam, but appears to tweak his back! Sonic's noticeably slower afterwards, and to compound the matter, Bison applies some sort of Psycho drain where the ref can't see! Sonic tries to keep fighting through sheer force of will, but is barely able to stand, and Bison is able to mat wrestle him to victory.
Winner: Bison

-Mario comes out hot! He hopes Bison feels good beating up an injured opponent and cheating for a win! Sonic is a hero, and that L won't change that!

-Match: Macho Man w/Elizabeth v. Bangladesh DuPree
Macho is also accompanied by Yuki Nagato for this match, for reasons that are never adequately explained. An oddly mat-based match for these two. Bang baits Liz on the outside, and Liz takes a swing at her...missing and hitting Savage! Macho barely beats the count back into the ring, and when he does, Bang simply puts him away with a bridging suplex!
Winner: Bang

-Afterwards, Mundo joins Bang to talk about how great they both are.

....and I am hungry now so there will be a pause while I stuff dinner in my face and play some gamez >_>
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User Info: IhatethisCPU

6 months ago#4
CPU: "...Hey Minato."
P3MC: "..." *Waves*
CPU: *Waves*
P3MC: "...?"
CPU: "Just good to see you again." *Hands P3MC a slip of paper.* "....Aigis asked me to give this to you."
P3MC: *Nods thankfully.*
CPU: "....Hug?"
Both: *Hug*
CPU: "Yayyyy!"

...i feel like the last IC thing from last topic was a tad depressing so >_>'

Also celebrity: Tornado Tonion
Philosophical meltdowns are *fun.*

User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
6 months ago#5
hummus eaten, miniboss beaten down, back to it.

-Match: King @Maniac64 v. Bryan
The fans are firmly behind Maniac as he seeks answers from his former mentor! Bryan enjoys a speed advantage, but can't stay away from Maniac's power offense the whole match. Bryan gets a crossface applied, but Maniac powers him up and slams him head first into the mat for a 3 count! Bryan favors Maniac with some grudging, possibly-sarcastic applause before leaving.
Winner: Maniac

-Match: Boots to Asses (B8WL Champ Cena and Rock) v. Penta and Mundo
Cena takes just a bit too long flaunting his belt pre-match, and Penta smashes him with a chair! Rock's able to run interference long enough to get Cena back in the fight, though. Rock gets the tag...and pulls off Penta's mask! Penta runs to the back, covering his face. That's a countout, I guess?
Winners: BtA

-Macho Man thinks this whole fed is getting RIDICULOUS, what with people like Bryan and CPU allowed to run around injuring people! Dario Cueto needs to be a MAN and take charge! Unfortunately, Cueto has been standing behind Macho this whole time. Macho isn't the type to regret his words, and storms off into the sunset fully aware of the commissioner's ire.

-No Holds Barred: @Panthera v. Kenshin Himura
These two faces got a bit too heated last week in their match, with Panthera going over after both parties made use of Kenshin's sakabato. Now the rulebook is out the window for the rematch! Kenshin has a flashy new entrance with sakura blowing around the arena, which doesn't seem to amuse Panthera. Both men are only too happy to fight dirty for a change, with plenty of hair pulls, eye pokes, hand stomps, and cat runins. Kenshin is eventually the last one standing after a Ryutsuisen Zan!
Winner: Kenshin

-Panthera is getting interviewed afterwards, but Kenshin breaks into the shot and hijacks the promo to talk about Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu!

-Cueto doesn't get the hype for KoopAWESOME or Maniac. They haven't stopped all these crazy guys running around!

-6-man tag: Maniac, Bowser, and Miz v. Men of Low Moral Fiber (CPU, @Eddv, and Hardcore Champ @Korayashi )
Dadgummit I doublebooked again. Quick-paced, if unspectacular, match with a lot of cutins and quick tags. Bowser takes a clothesline from CPU, but rolls out to HOT TAG~ Maniac! Maniac comes in a house of fire~~~ and rolls through all three MLMF en route to a big win.
Winners: Maniac/KoopAWESOME

-Maniac figures if he beats these guys down enough, maybe they'll get the picture! In fact, he'd like to challenge for Kora's Hardcore Title at Backlash!

SHOW 21: Backlash
Sonic hosts
Mastery of Taybles: Incineroar (c) v. Mario
HARDCORE TITLE: Kora (c) v. Maniac
Hardcore: Kenshin v. Panthera
GRUDGE: Macho v. Bryan
GRUDGE: Bowser v. CPU
B8WL: Cena (c) v. Penta v. Miz
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User Info: Panthera

6 months ago#6
Oh s*** I forgot about this for a while there. I'll try to get back into the habit of keeping up!

User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
6 months ago#7
to be fair it was purged for like three weeks! >_>
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O, the land of cloudless day! O, the land of an unclouded sky!

User Info: IhatethisCPU

6 months ago#8
"Excuse me Macho b**** I haven't injured anybody."
Philosophical meltdowns are *fun.*

User Info: Eddv

6 months ago#9
Macho b**** Mandy Cabbage is gonna get what's coming to him if Caelus can ever find his keys.
Board 8's Voice of Reason

User Info: IhatethisCPU

6 months ago#10
"....Macho b**** Man- I will have your family EATEN if you ever use the writers scripts again."
Philosophical meltdowns are *fun.*
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