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User Info: eaedwards6400

7 months ago#1
have been playing TEW using a Real World Mod since WWE announced their brand split in July of 2016. Since that time I have had 2 kids, 2 different jobs, and yet this is still alive.

During this time I have made one too many hires and fires and it is basically a weird illusion of the WWE. Nevertheless, I also run a prediction contest that runs along side the mod where the winners get to make their own changes. We are one week from Wrestlemania.

So far, the prediction contest has been participated by @Tom_Bombadil @Maniac64 @Lopen @GTM @paulg235 @TheSultanOfSlam @Emeraldegg @5tarscream @TheKnightOfNee and my brother who does not have a B8 account. So I have been referring to him as b8lessbro. If anyone of you wants in or if anyone passing by wants to join, feel free. However, we are currently half way through a cycle. Do well enough and I will give you a consolation prize!

1st place has the ability to Main Event unretire someone, Monster Push, or build your own storyline or two second place prizes.
2nd place is Midcard unretire someone, NXT call up, hire of someone, minor push, PPV Change

Past Prizes:
BattleGround: Maniac won first and he has Cesaro defeat Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship
Summerslam: Maniac won the second price and he wants me to do a Monster push on Luke Harper. paulG got second and he had me hire Tetsuya Naito.
Night Of Champions: b8lessbro won and he had me unretire Doink the Clown and Evan Borne. Lopen got second and I unretired MVP
Hell in a Cell: GTM won he is having a monster push on Tyler Breeze. paulG got second and he asked me to unretire Muhammad Hassan
Survivor Series: Sultan had me hire Jessie Godderz and call up No Way Jose. Maniac changed TLC to Melee Mayhem
Melee Mayhem: Sultan had me monster push The Miz, Maniac had me Hire Chris Hero.
Royal Rumble: Lopen got first and GTM got second. Lopen hired and is pushing The Boogeymen. GTM had me hire Drew MacIntyre
Elimination Chamber: There were some ties. GTM is major pushing Zack Ryder, Nee is major pushing Xavier Woods. B8lessbro built a story that he wants to see but for simplicity sake it is a minor push of R-Truth and Goldust. 5tar had me minor push James Storm (this one I did a bad job at so keep this in mind for the future.
Wrestlemania: b8lessbro hires J&J Security, Lopen has a story involving The Boogeyman, Nee brought up Sara Del Ray
Extreme Rules: GTM Hired The Great Khali, b8lessbro hired Emma
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User Info: eaedwards6400

7 months ago#2
Main Event
AJ Styles
Dean Ambrose
Mr. Anderson

Big E
Brock Lesnar
Bully Ray
The Miz (c)
Rusev (c)

Upper Midcarder
Christopher Daniels
Frankie Kazarian
John Morrison
Kurt Angle
Sami Zayn

Chris Hero
Sheamus (c)
Jinder Mahal
Goldust (c)
Muhammad Hassan

Big Cass
Samoa Joe
The Boogeyman
Zack Ryder

Cody Rhodes
Jessie Godderz
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Mark Henry
Tyler Breeze

Lower Midcarder
Enzo Amore

Finn Balor
Rich Swann

Jack Swagger
Doink 2

Baron Corbin

Becky Lynch
Natalya Neidhart
Nikke Bella
Sara Del Ray

Alexa Bliss
Sasha Banks
Velvet Sky (c)

Main Event
Daniel Bryan
Jeff Hardy
John Cena [GM]
Luke Harper

Bobby Roode (c)
Chris Jericho
Kevin Owens
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins

Upper Midcarders
Bray Wyatt (c)
Dolph Ziggler
Kofi Kingston
No Way Jose (c)
Xavier Woods (c)

Braun Strowman
Damien Sandow
Drew McIntyre
Elias Sampson

Shelton Benjamin
The Big Show

Austin Aries
Alex Riley
James Storm
D-Von Dudley
Matt Hardy

Lower Midcard
Hideo Itami
Darren Young

Jamie Noble
Joey Mercury

The Hurricane
Titus O'Neil

Rob Conway

Evan Borne
Heath Slater
Sin Cara
Ultimo Dragon

Neville (c)
Curtis Axel
Shinsuke Nakamua
Mustafa Ali

Angelo Dawkins
Brooke Adams
Cal Bishop
Christopher Girard
Devin Taylor
Harry Smith
Mikey Nicholis
Nia Jax
Nikki Storm (I believe this is Nikki Cross)
Ryan Nemeth
Samuel Shaw
Sawyer Fulton
Shane Haste
Ted DiBiase Jr
The Big O
The Pope DAngelo Dineo
Tye Dillinger
Wes Brisco
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User Info: eaedwards6400

7 months ago#3
WWE Champion: The Miz
Intercontinental Champion: Goldust
RAW Tag Team Champions: League of Nations (Sheamus/Cesaro)
Women's Champion: Velvet Sky

World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode
USA champion: Xavier Woods
SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The Dancing Buzzards (No Way Jose/Bray Wyatt)
Cruiserweight Champion: Neville


Tag Teams

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)
BreezeDango (Tyler Breeze and Fandagno)
Doink and Doink (Doink1 and Doink2)
Double Feature (The Miz and Gunner)
Enzo and Big Cass
Golden Truth (R-Truth and Goldust)
Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Jessie Godderz)
James Storm and Magnus
The NEW Bro-Mans (Zack Ryder and Jessie Godderz)
Big E and Xavier Woods
Gangsta Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso)
League of Nations: Europe (Rusev and Cesaro)
League of Nations: Asia (Jinder Mahal and Muhammad Hassan)

Kane and the Demon King (Kane and Finn Balor)
Kings of Strong Style (Shinsuke Nakamura and Tetsuya Natio)
Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto)
Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil and Darren Young)
Run and Gun (Mark Henry and Alex Riley)
Superathletes (MVP and Shelton Benjamin)
The Revival (Dash and Dawson)
Hurricane and Rosey
The Dancing Buzzards (Bray Wyatt and No Way Jose)

Here is a link to all of this information on a easier to read spreadsheet (I think it needs updated):
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User Info: eaedwards6400

7 months ago#4
Here was the last show from the last topic:
eaedwards6400 posted...
RAW Week 2
Shane McMahon starts the show in the ring. He is visibly upset. Tells the world that he doesn't know what kind of black magic voodoo is going on around here but he demands the Boogeyman to not show up randomly and come face him face to face. It is silent in the arena for a moment and then Shane is answered by Triple H. Triple H tells Shane to quit blaming what happened on unnatural causes. It is simple Shane became inept at being a GM and the things I have heard from the Boogeyman suggest that he can do an even job. Tonight, Shane will have a little fun. For the first time in years Shane McMahon will be wrestling on Monday Night Raw! Against an opponent of The Boogeyman's choice! (88)

Samoa Joe beats Kurt Angle with the Kokita Clutch. (64)

Chris Hero defeats Sami Zayn with a Hero's Slam. (80)

Jessie Godderz is seen coming into the arena when he is attacked and beaten down by all four members of the League of Nations. It is apparent that Godderz is injured. (74)

Tyler Breeze comes into Triple H's office and "Hey, Mr. Triple H, sir. So this stupid tournament was like an example of the ineptitude of one Shane McMahon. He totally didn't give me my rematch."

Triple H: "But you lost in the first round..."
Tyler: A tourney I wasn't prepared for man! Come on! What happened to my rematch clause...
Triple H mulls it over and decides that he does get his rematch but because it is technically a third change it will be ... TONIGHT! (89)

Goldust wins with a brainbuster and a dirty pin to retain his IC title over Tyler Breeze. (63)

Sara Del Ray defeats Alexa Bliss... again! (59)

After the match, Bliss goes berserk and begins to beat down Sara Del Ray when... It's Emma! Emma is going to help Sara Del Rey! Emma and Alexa join eyes and they both beat down Sara Del Rey! Oh no! (52)

Bully Ray (without Velvet) is backstage talking to Renee about of how it will be a waste of time it will be for his fiancee to face Charlotte again. Finally, Cesaro walks over. "You know, I was just going to mind my own business but I can't listen to this garbage anymore. Your future-wife is a strong woman, she can talk for herself but the worst part is she isn't even her! You're going out of your way to put this woman, the daughter of a hall of famer down." Bully is engraged and gets in the face of Cesaro and tells him to mind his own damn business. Cesaro scoffs and says "geez, have some respect." and Bully attacks him from behind. (81)

The camera cuts to backstage in catering where a handful of superstars including Big E, Mr. Anderson, Bad Influence and couple of jobbers are hanging out when Brock Lesnar comes in flips a table. Throws Rich Swann, and Enzo at the wall. Big E attempts to talk him but Brock hits him over the head with a crockpot. Anderson joins the fight but Brock spinebusters him through a cheese plat. Big Cass attempts to grapple Brock and is throw into a wall. Catering area is destroyed and Brock grabs a drumstick from an untouched turkey and walks off. Daniels and Kazarian come out from behind there table and Daniels asks "Was that all for the turkey?" (96)

Mahal/Hassan defeat a battered Enzo and Cass. (78)

Zack Ryder asks Triple H how he is supposed to get a rematch without Godderz. Triple H is honest with Zack and says he already named the Europe #1 contender. So if he wants to be #1 contender he will have to beat the entire League of Nations. (78)

The Lunatic Dean Ambrose is who is selected by Boogeyman to face Shane. Dean wins. (65)

Zack Ryder hit Sheamus with a Rough Ryder when he dodges a Brogue Kick to defeat Sheamus. (71)
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User Info: eaedwards6400

7 months ago#5
eaedwards6400 posted...
The Miz and AJ are having a contract signing for their future title match. The Miz opens with a long winded speech about not only being a one-time must see champion but a two-time must see champion and he is soon to bring the WWE back into the lime-light! AJ Styles interrupts saying that there is no way that a man of The Miz's "skillset" is possibly capable of taking the WWE back into the lime-light! AJ Styles proved when he changed SmackDown into the "House that A-J STYLES BUILT" that pure solid wrestling is more well-liked that "gimmicks" like the Miz! The Miz stands up in anger! He claims that he is tired of this sentiment that keeps getting pushed around about him. Just because he didn't to travel the world and learn these gimmicky ways of wrestling doesn't mean they are actually better wrestlers. AJ Styles says if that is the case then all the Miz has to do is then prove it. The Miz says he would love to! AJ raises the stakes, he suggests he and the Miz do a pick your poison. The winner will pick a stipulation. If they both win or lose then it will be a standard singles match. The Miz agrees and then whistles and Gunner puts Styles through a table. (100)

Show Rating: 84

GTM 9/7
b8lessbro 7/7
Lopen 7/7
Nee 6/7
paulG 5/7
Sultan 4/7
emerald 4/7
5tar 4/7
Tom 4/7

b8lessbro 22/20
GTM 20/20
paulg 15/20
Lopen 14/20
5tar 13/20
Nee 13/20
Tom 13/20
emerald 12/20
Sultan 12/20
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User Info: Emeraldegg

7 months ago#6
Hey, somehow my total was left off ;_;
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User Info: eaedwards6400

7 months ago#7
Finally, here is SmackDown Week 2:

SmackDown Week 2
Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho
Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries
Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

The match between The Dancing Buzzards and J&J Security breaksdown when James Storm interferes. What former Buzzards Rival will be the equalizer for them?
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User Info: eaedwards6400

7 months ago#8
Emeraldegg posted...
Hey, somehow my total was left off ;_;

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User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
7 months ago#9

Look at all those chickens
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User Info: eaedwards6400

7 months ago#10
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