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  3. mental wellness at board 8 [bipolar] [depression] [anxiety] [health] [antipurge]

User Info: banananor

2 months ago#441
Awesome, I stand corrected
You did indeed stab me in the back. However, you are only level one, whilst I am level 50. That means I should remain uninjured.

User Info: XIII_rocks

2 months ago#442
Hey guys

I haven't been in this topic for a long time, but I'm so glad it's kept going. It's such a good/important topic series, well done everyone involved

I'm pretty worried about stuff. About 18 months ago I moved within my school to teach secondary English, but the school was such a badly-organized dumpster fire I wanted to go back to primary immediately. They wouldn't let me (which is fair) so I saw out the year and asked to move back. Still said no, so I quit. Got a job elsewhere in Qatar. Now at a new place but I feel like the damage has been done from last year. I've been out of there for over 18 months but I'm so obviously a s***tier, more cynical person than I was before then, and I thought returning to primary and being somewhere different would help me recover but it's actually gotten worse. I feel like kind of a monster when I'm at work now. My temper and capacity for incompetence and bulls*** are both getting shorter by the day. I've never really considered smoking before but it's crossed my mind recently because I feel like I need something to f***ing relax.

Not to be confused with XIII_Stones.

User Info: Maniac64

2 months ago#443
That sounds like what my wife went through at her last job. 2 and a half years and her mental state kept getting worse. Shorter temper, quick to get frustrated or stressed, and just generally pessimistic and cynical. Just generally an unhappy person.

We moved to a completely new location (back close to home where she had more positive memories) and got her a job at a good place and she has improved leaps and bounds. Only time she falls back is if her old place is brought up.

Maybe it's time to leave Qatar? If changing jobs wasnt enough to improve things maybe a bigger change is in order. Also make sure to take time for stuff you can enjoy.
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User Info: WhiteLens

2 months ago#444
First thing I have to ask is, are you getting enough sleep? The amount of sleep you need varies between person to person, so I'm not gonna throw an arbitrary number out there, but when you're really sleep deprived, your mood is easily that number 1 thing that takes a hit.

I've been dealing with insomnia for a year (which has thankfully gotten much better in the past month), so I know that even really minor inconveniences would irritate me to no end.

And adding to what Maniac said, consider taking some time to get off internet as a self-care measure. There's way too much bulls*** out there that you don't need to see (even on this board).

Actually, you being a mod here might even be contributing to your constant irritation.
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User Info: GTM

1 month ago#445
I've been having trouble balancing being open and ramblingness/inefficiency...
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User Info: Underleveled

1 month ago#446
Ugh it's really hitting me hard tonight that I'm a loser.

User Info: iiaattgg

1 month ago#447
its is very difficult being sick (flu like illness) while in recovery

1) it is a major trigger. it feels basically the same as withdrawal. aches, nausea, crippling fatigue, inability to sleep. really the only thing that is different is the cough/throat stuff. im also taking a lot of the same meds i would take to deal with symptoms. im showering like every hour which i did then. i have the same vomit bowl i would use. im sitting in bed on my phone for hours on end which i did when i was using. its just very similar

2) there is a lot of shame to it. i am used to being at my physical best and when an illness rocks you its hard not to see yourself as how you were back then. i feel like its illegal for me to go out in public. my boss is uderstanding but i definitely got a weird look when i said i was feeling sick (she knows my story). every second im not back to 100% makes the people who have doubts about me doubt me more. its just a weird place to be in
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User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#448
About 9 months unemployed from full time work. I've done some editing jobs to make little bits of money but I'm not really hopeless I kinda have just accepted things. I was so sick last year it changed my perspective. I keep applying, interviewing, and the few jobs I'm offered are either not what I interviewed for or the pay is so low I can't take it. I have a s***ty problem where I need to make $14 or above to not give away every dollar I make in medical bills.

I'm not really mentioning the elephant in the room that my health is kinda shot but you know *shrug*
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  3. mental wellness at board 8 [bipolar] [depression] [anxiety] [health] [antipurge]
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