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So I've talked on the board a couple times/places about my wife having a bad work situation. She has hated it essentially the entire 3 years she has been there but it is the first job in her new career so as much as it is a horrible place she doesn't feel like she can leave it before she gets her next job or places will hold it against her.

She has been looking for the next job for almost 2 years with no success. She gets close. She has been one of the final 2-3 candidates more than a dozen times but she never gets the job. Usually because someone else is closer since we are trying to get back to the Midwest and closer to family so she is applying to jobs multiple states away.

But this fall things have gotten much worse. She has been suffering from depression and even suicidal thoughts on rare occasions. She can sleep for 10 hours and still be exhausted physically and mentally. She feels sick a lot but needs all her sick leave for interviews so she has to go to work anyway. She is quicker to be annoyed or upset which obviously isn't great for her work. It doesn't matter if there are good things happening because as soon as the work week starts she is back to miserable and she feels completely trapped and hopeless. She works nights and I work days and that makes everything worse. We just feel desperate.

Its been affecting my own mental and physical health more to this fall.

We had already decided this school year would be the last one (she works in higher education) but at this point neither of us are sure if she will even be able to make it that long without completely breaking down. And the place is so bad and the job search so frustrating it is making her want to give up on her career even though she is really passionate about it and we know if she could get to a not horrible college she would be able to really enjoy it.

Now I'm applying to jobs in college filled cities as well just to give her an excuse for leaving but don't know how successful I will be. We both have a history of terrible luck with job searches. I think we might have to make this semester her last one and I'm really scared of what happens if we don't get something to work out before that. I am worried that things are just never going to get better and I don't know what will happen if they don't but I'm scared.
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