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    ECW Hardcore TV
    Wk. 1, 1/96

    Pre-show: RVD/Rotten d. Gangstas (D; Rotten and Jack wasted)

    Shane Douglas is out to talk about how great a #1 Contender he is, but Too Cold Scorpio and Sabu interrupt him. He only won with Alfonso's help, so he shouldn't get too cocky! (C+) Buh Buh Ray Dudley faces off with the new #1 Contender, and gets some surprising levels of offense in. Douglas even goes through a table at one point, but that's not enough to keep him down, and he gets the win eventually. (D+) Douglas is joined by Bill Alfonso in the ring. Alfonso talks up Douglas for a sec before being interrupted by Paul Heyman. Heyman wants to know where Bill Alfonso gets off, butting into the title match like that. Alfonso says it's WILLIAM Alfonso now. The Network does not appreciate all this ultraviolence and Extreme-ness, and have appointed him in charge of cleaning up ECW's act. Heyman had best get in line, because Shane Douglas is going to be the new face of ECW! (D+)

    911 is in the ring to face the debuting....Chavo Guerrero Jr.! He swaggers out to the ring as the announcers play up the Guerrero legacy. He fails to really impress, although that's more a reflection on his opponent than anything. Chavo goes over. (D-) Taz (who is not suited to his "Machine" gimmick) talks intensely about all the people around here that he's gonna suplex. (C) Our main event sees Sandman and Dreamer team up against Richards and Meanie of the Flock. Despite heavy interference from Raven, the faces go over. Canings for everyone! (D; Meanie wasted) Meanwhile, Jack and Whipwreck are attacked backstage by the Headhunters! (D)

    Overall: D SUCCESS not enough hot chixx

    Axl Rotten has been fired for his third violation (in three shows, which takes talent!) of the EXTREME Wellness Policy.

    Hardcore TV has moved to Wednesdays

    -New WWF feuds: Taker v. Razor, Diesel v. Bulldog, HBK v. Bret
    -AJPW get Tiger Mask
    -Lance Storm has torn a ligament
    -Villano V has ruptured a triceps tendon
    -BCW get Albano
    -WCPW, APW get Dutch Mantell
    -WWC get Ellering, Luna Vachon, Leilani Kai
    -NWC get Ellering
    -NAASW get Luna Vachon
    -USWA get Kai
    -MEWF, SSW get Muraco
    -Harley Race gets the book for PWA
    -Hot Property Mark Henry
    -Raw gets B (ME: Razor/Sid no contest)
    -Nitro gets C+ (ME: Road Warriors d. Giant/Sullivan)

    Scorpio slanders Jeff Jones
    Hughes misses an agent meeting

    5tar: 4/4
    eaed: 3/4
    Sultan: 3/4
    Maniac: 3/4
    CPU: 3/4
    Lopen: 1/4

    Okay La Parka was a very good guess, but honestly I consider him Lopen's guy more than mine >_> Not much change, but 5tar gains some ground back and Lopen is here now!

    eaed: 11/14
    Sultan: 9/14
    Maniac: 8/14
    !5tar: 7/4
    CPU: 6/14
    Lopen: 1/4

    PREDICT IT: Hardcore TV
    Wk. 2, 1/96

    Sabu v. Stone
    Tag Titles: Jack/Whipwreck (c) v. Headhunters
    (2) Sandman/Dreamer v. Douglas/???
    (2x2) BONUS: One guy will debut as Douglas' partner, but there will be a second debut tonight as well! Guess both! (5tar is eligible for one of the two)
    Look at all those chickens
    O, the land of cloudless day! O, the land of an unclouded sky!