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this is an inauspicious start lol

Plans in the previous game:
-Arn Anderson would be able to wrestle again in a few months, and he, Flair, Tully, and ??? would've formed the Horsemen.
-PARKAMANIA were going to win the tag belts next PPV, fulfilling Lopen's prize and hopefully cementing Parka as a key midcarder. Probably would've eventually dropped them to a heel turning Future Perfect (maybe they'd become the West Texas Rednecks and have the "rap is crap" thing against Atlas?)
-Jake was gonna get fired eventually for wellness, and thus I wasn't gonna put him in a title feud or long-term angle. But I still like the dude so he would've kept getting mostly-irrelevant-but-still-high-profile stuff.
-The Killer Bees were going to show up in a week or two.
-Might've eventually unified the NWA and WWF titles or done a brand split. Didn't have specific plans to get the belts off Flair or Ventura in the meantime. Flair especially might've wound up with a reign long enough for the Horsemen angle to happen in conjunction with a heel turn....or he might've just left for MACW to whom he had loyalty.
-Sting and Vampiro were in development, and some other guys that I don't remember.
-Would've kept trying to get Steamboat and Tenryu into the main event. Tenryu getting a shot at Flair next PPV would've helped.
-Maybe someday HBK and the Harts would've gotten over. Vader was doing okay.
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