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Dels posted...
I mean, AIM lets me open individual windows to talk to people privately, and have multiple of them open at once.

when discord can do that i'll be impressed.

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User Info: Keltiq

2 years ago#12
Discord lets you do as many private chats as you want.

Unless you specifically want to look at all of them at the same time, in which case... you're strange.
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User Info: InsaneGamer137

2 years ago#13
I joined
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User Info: GildedFool

2 years ago#14
I'm pretty sure AIM is defunct Dels.

User Info: NowItsAngeTime

2 years ago#15
So just like I said

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User Info: Dels

2 years ago#16
i'm sorry for not using the past tense. AIM let me. not AIM lets me.

also yes sometimes i want multiple windows open at a time...? is that weird?

User Info: Ngamer64

2 years ago#17
I don't know this looks PRETTY official to me, just going off its stickiness.

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User Info: Bartzyx

2 years ago#18
I don't know, I've made a lot of unofficial things pretty sticky
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User Info: STElNER

2 years ago#19

User Info: Whiskey_Nick

2 years ago#20
I am Nick
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