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User Info: STElNER

2 years ago#1
Hi, veterans and newcomers!

Most of you are already very aware of this, but as its contest season and new users approach, I guess it makes sense to be more public with this whole thing.

The Unofficial Board 8 Discord server has just passed its third birthday and continues growing, with around 100 people online at peak hours, and an incredibly strong community I'm very proud of - I've had to ban two people in three years which seems like an extraordinary feat on the internet. We have rooms to cover all subjects, from Character Battle X to Sports, and the majority of those rooms are usually active - and if they're not, that's what you're for!

Not only is the Unofficial Discord where most socialising takes place these days, it's also a hub for gaming. There are group pings for Heroes of the Storm, Jackbox, Armello and others (as well as Borderlands - We always play Borderlands on Wednesdays) so you can be alerted whenever anyone else wants to play, and I'm happy to facilitate whatever else you all want to play together.

We also have the voice channels, which as well as being great for gaming, are a great way for everyone to get together to discuss a live happening - whether it be a sporting event, a Nintendo Direct, or a contest match, we've had get togethers on voice chat for all of these and plenty of others.

http://discord.me/board8 is the link to the Unofficial Discord. See you there!

User Info: NFUN

2 years ago#2
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User Info: Official

2 years ago#3
I liked the other one better.
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User Info: STElNER

2 years ago#4
Official posted...
I liked the other one better.

you would

User Info: profDEADPOOL

2 years ago#5
WTF who made us unofficial
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User Info: pyresword

2 years ago#6
This is my new favorite topic tbh

Also shoutouts to the vgm channel. We do things.
Congratulations to BK_Sheikah00, this year's guru to achieve contest enlightenment!

User Info: banananor

2 years ago#7
I'm glad your baby is doing well! Discord is a pretty great app
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User Info: NowItsAngeTime

2 years ago#8
banananor posted...
I'm glad your baby is doing well! Discord is a pretty great app

I'd go as far as say it's the best chat app ever

People who think AIM is better are just nostalgiaFAQs people talking
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User Info: Dels

2 years ago#9
I mean, AIM lets me open individual windows to talk to people privately, and have multiple of them open at once.

when discord can do that i'll be impressed.

User Info: ChaosTonyV4

2 years ago#10
wait what
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