Mercenaries 5 Unveiling Topic: Now Hiring! [New Game]

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If you know what this is about, welcome back again to the show that never ends. I missed you guys. If you don't know what this topic's for, don't worry, you will soon enough. It's been a couple years since the internet's longest, weirdest, stupidest, most fun game ended. I think it's about time work started on a new version of it, eh? So let's make it official:

I am looking for hardworking people to help co-author, prepare, organize and administrate a new round of the game of Mercenaries. This isn't a promise of an impending release, as much work still remains to be done, but I'm officially ready to get things underway.

Admining Mercs is hard, thankless work, and I'm sure more than a few readers have already broken into a cold sweat at the prospect of running such a mammoth project, even as part of a team, especially with a goof like me at the helm. To assuage concerns as much as possible for both potential players and prospective admins alike, the following is my mission statement:

I want to grow the playerbase

Mercenaries is flawed, frustrating and overly fiddly, but it's also by far the best game I've ever played. I want people to experience it, participate, and enjoy all the excitement it creates. But our beloved Board 8 is shrinking, slowly but surely, and I think not even a new contest will be enough to reverse the trend. For this reason, I want to expand Mercenaries, taking this game to other GameFAQS boards, or potentially other sites instead (but without abandoning the Board 8 kru, obviously. I'm not forsaking the core playerbase!). My #1 goal, above all else, is to get more people invested in this crazy game - if I can achieve this and grow our roster of stable players and voters, then I will call this new iteration of Mercenaries a wild success.

I want to make this game easier to play

Mercenaries is a very long, involved game, and more than that, it's a very draining one. Leaders oft feel confused, tired and powerless. While to some degree this is unavoidable, as it stems from the social component of the game, this doesn't mean we can't minimize it as much as possible. Additionally, Mercs is a really hard game to learn. I think all the new players would agree that they didn't really grasp the gameplay until they were a good 15 weeks into their tenure or longer, and some might even say they never did. I want to create a friendly atmosphere for voting and playing, one that is less punishing to newbies and helps with becoming at least proficient at this game. If we can make it so new players don't pratfall into large losing streaks right out the gate simply because they have less experience with getting their fingers on the voters' pulse (like thinking you can win against Agent 47 and Ridley with Little Mac and Bowser), it will go a long way towards making this game less burnout inducing.

I want to give players reasons to fight.

Part of the appeal of Mercs is its nature as a spectator sport. You could go through whole barrels of popcorn by listening to all the backstabbing, petty politicking, celebratory gloating and incoherent rage this game creates, and debating the ridiculous scenarios we set up is a blast. But as the rules are right now, players are encouraged to avoid engaging in battle topics, because they're uncertain, complicated and failprone - and worse, the best players know this and play accordingly, while only the less experienced or savvy players fight each other, making themselves into easy pickings for the veterans. Giving incentive to the wilier players to get their hands dirty will drive them to fight and expose them to getting knocked down a peg or two - which will help new players learn quicker, level the game out naturally, and give us more interesting fights.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.

User Info: KanzarisKelshen

1 week ago#2
I want the rules to be clear

After Draftmerx ended, somebody (I forget who) told me Mercs rules share a lot of similarities with the laws of society. While both are living codexes, constantly updated to better suit the way people's thinking changes, that doesn't mean we can't start from a good base to minimize the need for arbitration. Fortunately, I can proudly say I've already made good headway on this front, by codifying the rules governing Merc abilities into a (fairly large, but hopefully exhaustive) primer:

There's still much work to be done, but I firmly believe we can ease the burden on the admin team and give the players a better understanding of the game by codifying things properly. Incidentally, if you're thinking of applying as an admin, please do give the above link a look. You don't need to be a rules monkey to make a good Mercs admin, but I would say checking the rules to make sure they are at least clear and easy to follow is a mandatory requirement to be able to provide players with a good experience. Which leads to the next point...

I want to maintain open communications between players and admins

One of the largest (easily fixable) issues with player dissatisfaction in past iterations of the game was the radio silence from the admin team, descending from on high to administer rulings or changes then vanishing without a trace, never speaking to the playerbase. The M4 admin team worked to address that problem, and I aim to continue their work. My tenure as (more-or-less) solo admin of Draftmerx had many flaws, but I would like to think a lack of communication between admins and players was not one of them. I want to provide players with rapid responses and confidence in the admin team, which will in turn allow us to act more freely with fixing clearly wonky bits of rules (see: Raiden's M4 ability text for his They Must Win! ability, the sheer vagueness of Kha'zix's consumption ability). If players can be convinced that the admin team is always on the side of trying to make the experience as good as possible, everyone will be better off.


These are the things I want to achieve. It's not easy - but I have faith that it's possible, and I firmly believe that the kinds of people who'd be interested in helping run this complex game are exactly the right supermen to help a fallible man such as myself achieve this. If you want to apply for a position, just let me know what sort of work you want to do and what your aims are (it doesn't have to be a big manifesto like the above, just a few words is enough). A by-no-means exhaustive list of potential functions an admin can be called upon to perform follows:

-Updating the game (standings, win records, putting builds on the wiki, posting fight topics correctly, doing rolls)
-Rulings and Rulecraft (stuff like the ability primer above, determining whether Sora is or isn't a Final Fantasy character, tweaking broken mercs so they fit the game, etc.)
-Public Relations (Communicating with the players, selling the game to new people, answering non-ruling queries)
-Merc Building (What it says on the tin. This doesn't mean we won't take builds created by players though!)

That's all for now. I eagerly await any applications. Let's make the next iteration of Mercenaries the best it's ever been, everyone!
Shine on, you crazy diamond.

User Info: Tirofog

1 week ago#3
I'm just here to post something barely relevant, then fade back into the shadows. It's a tough job, but BKSheikah has to do it.

User Info: Kamekguy

1 week ago#4
Tagging. I would love to be a part of the admin team, but I'd also like to actually build a team for one of these instead of the three times I've come in as a sub, and a more argument-focused game sounds both more fun and ultimately more engaging to my style of play, which is "not winning, but making close fight topics that make people believe stupid crap".

But I do love me some merc building, definitely. And I would love to do test matches with the admin team...

... god quite on both sides of the fence for this. If you had a leaning, Kaz, I would tip over either way. Because I do love this stupid waste of time game.
Doin' Game Design Vids:

User Info: ScareChan

1 week ago#5
I would be a bad person to help admin because of so many characters I don't know, but I may be able to help with some builds I do know of?

and I definitely want to be a player again. I think I grew a lot in draft mercs (draft mercs 2 while we wait for mercs 5 yes yes yes) and I think I can do better now
I have scribbled down notes on how to make mercs perfect if it helps.
Sir Chris

User Info: ScareChan

1 week ago#7
Kamek be an admin and push to get draft mercs 2 and you can be a player there!

User Info: greengravy294

1 week ago#8

User Info: ScareChan

1 week ago#9
DoomTheGyarados posted...
I have scribbled down notes on how to make mercs perfect if it helps.

*flips threw notebook*

this just says BLOW IT UP in various fonts on 500 different pages
First up.

1. Get rid of rechargeable abilities.

Ooooh yeah time to f*** this s*** up.
Sir Chris
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