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User Info: xp1337

2 months ago#471
I've only seen TTGL and Madoka. =(

good shows though
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User Info: Sheep007

2 months ago#472
That's a decent list, although there's a few which I'm surprised made it this high up given the quality of some lower things. Madoka and Monogatari would probably make my top 10 too, and I'm glad you introduced me to Kamichu.
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User Info: pyresword

2 months ago#473
Mac Arrowny posted...
pyresword posted...
Aw yes my lowest rated anime of all time made the top 10.

wait what anime is that?


Madoka is in my top 10 and Monogatari is in my top 15 though so I guess it evens out.
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User Info: profDEADPOOL

2 months ago#474
Very glad to see 2/3rds of my top 3 in the top 10.
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User Info: Sceptilesolar

2 months ago#475
Definitely some good ones in the top 10. Humanity has Declined would make my overall top 10, I think, and maybe Monogatari too.
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User Info: FL81

2 months ago#476
oh hey I still have one in here
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User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
2 months ago#477
10. Humanity Has Declined

Of all my top series, this is probably the one I feel least passionate about. It’s more of a comedy than any of the others, and there’s not much for huge emotional scenes. But in return, we get some super special things that it does better than any other series - the main character in particular. She doesn’t have a name, but her personality is well-defined nonetheless. She’s amazing sarcastic and snarky about everything she sees, but still courageous, and you can feel that she loves life. She’s kinda like Kyon, but turned way up and female. She’s basically the entire series. Seeing how she reacts to stuff is always a treat in every single arc. I’ve wanted to read the novels for a while, since I’m sure we get even more snarky narration there. I could watch her reacting to stuff forever, because it’s always awesome. The rest of the cast is mostly excellent too. Y, the yaoi lover, is always a treat, and the flashbacks to school days are good times too, with a colorful cast and the MC in a different type of environment. The fairies are a lot of fun in general, with amazing designs, and the episode where the MC becomes queen of the fairies or whatever is excellent. The show is bright and colorful, so the fairies fit well with the aesthetic.

Other than that, I don’t have too much to say about the show. I watched it quite a while ago, and it’s broken up into short arcs, usually two episodes, so I don’t have super strong memories, other than fun stuff like bread committing suicide and a two episode arc that exists solely for the point of a single incredibly dumb pun. I believe all the arcs were consistently excellent, as far as I recall. I should watch this again someday…
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User Info: swordz9

2 months ago#478
That suicidal bread was the single greatest bread since Powdered Toast Man

User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
2 months ago#479
9. ef
AKA ef ~ a tale of memories and ef ~ a tale of melodies. This is one of the first anime romances I watched, and it remains the best to this day. There are a whole bunch of things I like about the series, starting with the visuals. Outside of action series, this might be my favorite anime visuall period (yes, I like it better than Monogatari in that respect, though NGNL is on the same level)? The neat visual SHAFT-isms have a cohesive pattern to them here, and they’re pretty much always used to enhance scenes and make them better than they would’ve ordinarily been. I also played the VN, and the coolest visual scenes are definitely better in the anime. The answering machine scene is just legendary, and the visuals are half the picture there. Both seasons are visually inspired in general.

But of course, you can’t have a good series with just good visuals. The show follows four (kind of five) romances, and while they aren’t all equally good, I do like all of them, and the best ones are great. Chihiro x Renji is probably my favorite of the bunch. They did the memory loss thing in a really compelling way, and the way it ends is just amazing. One of the most romantic lines in anime ever. The Miyako/Kei/Hiro love triangle is consistently entertaining, and I love how the stakes just keep getting higher as it goes along. Kuze x Mizuki is probably the weirdest of the bunch, but the individual scenes are generally great, and there’s some cool music stuff. And Yuu x Yuuko works as a perfect capstone on the series, since we’ve been seeing the two of them all throughout (though the change to how Yuuko died in the anime was dumb). Yuuko’s story has a lot of neat stuff to it visually too. One of the things that makes the anime feel unique is how serious it is. I mean, there are definitely jokes here and there, but it’s not a romantic comedy, it’s a romantic drama, and those are pretty rare in anime (especially good ones). ef really opened my eyes to what anime could be. I doubt I would’ve watched nearly as many anime without it.
All the stars in the sky are waiting for you.
Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#480
Mac Arrowny posted...
They did the memory loss thing in a really compelling way, and the way it ends is just amazing.

This is still one of my favourite scenes ever. I really should rewatch ef someday.
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