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User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
2 months ago#451
15. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Nanoha’s a bit of a strange one to talk about, since there’s so much to it. I’ll be including StrikerS in this, but not the later spinoffs, which feel only tangentially related to the franchise. Nanoha Vivid wasn’t that great anyways, and Vivid Strike was worse. Other than that, though, the series is generally very good! I dunno, there’s something about it I just love. A lot of people say that it doesn’t get great until A’s, but I actually loved it from the first series (which I like a bit more than A’s, though I love both of them). Nanoha’s an excellent protagonist. She’s not super out there in most ways, but she really cares about making friends, and she’s happy to do so by beating the s*** out of them. Her relationship with Fate is awesome here and in the future. I like that they’re basically married with a kid by the time StrikerS comes around, though it’d be nice if they were willing to make that more explicit (it’s still about as explicit as it gets).

The main thing A’s has over the original is the villains. Fate was a great villain in the original, but her mother wasn’t really the best. Basically all the villains in A’s are awesome. Hayate’s in a great position, and the rest are cool too. Cool to have a girl in a wheelchair. The twists and turns with how they’re not actually evil are very neat. The main thing I didn’t like as much about this one is just that it has less Nanoha, I think (I gave both series 10s on MAL, so it’s not like I don’t like it). Nanoha’s by far my favorite character in her franchise, so the more of her the better. That’s why it’s a shame the spinoffs focus on other characters.

Ditto StrikerS. Nanoha is basically at her best here, despite being an adult. Whenever she’s around, you know awesome will occur. Unfortunately, the show adds a couple new characters who aren’t particularly exciting, though they aren’t bad either. StrikerS’s main flaws are just some stupid decisions they made. For whatever reason, the main characters have “limiters” put on them by the government because they’re too powerful, so they job to the bad guys a lot early on. It just feels bad. The villains are also by far the lamest of the franchise. But StrikerS still has its great parts. All the stuff with Vivio is fun, and once the limiters come off, it has the most badass action in the franchise. Adult Nanoha in the last couple episodes is really freaking awesome.

The franchise in general is great for action. Some people deride series like this or Gundam for being all about beamspam, but I love laser beams. Beams are super cool, and Nanoha knows it. All the beam fights are super fun. The other fights are good too, but the beams are what I’m here for.

Lastly I’ll talk about the movies a bit. They’re fantastic. The basically remake the first two series with faster pacing and better animation, and it totally works. I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re better, since I love the originals a lot, including the slower parts that were cut for the movies, but I gave the first two movies 10s as well, and they’re perfectly reasonable substitutes for watching the series. Reflections I don’t remember quite as well despite watching it more recently, but it was mostly good, if a bit slow until the climax, which was awesome. I still haven’t watched the new movie yet, but I’m quite interested in checking it out soon. Hopefully it’ll be a great finale!
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Fate/Zero is such a well-polished anime. Really solid the whole way through.

There is one small thing in it that always bothered me quite a bit though (despite loving it overall): having multiple women be choked to death always struck me as a kind of gross decision
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User Info: Reg

2 months ago#453
good call not including Vivid. I literally dropped it LMAO. Not enough beamspam and not enough Nanoha.

Other than that, yeah, basically agree with everything you said there. I first tried to watch the series probably a decade ago when I was first getting heavily into anime (Haruhi 2009 never forget) and StrikerS was reasonably fresh on everybody's minds. I dropped it probably 5-6 episodes in because I didn't like/want the magical girl formula it provided and I didn't revisit it until about five or so years later where I watched it all start to finish in probably about a week (Which is vaguely impressive for me considering I was in grad school with the appropriate workload at the time)

User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
2 months ago#454
14. Shiki

Shiki’s an interesting one. Before I watched it, I received a lot of mixed impressions on the series. There’s a fair-sized crowd out there who basically views the series as mostly buildup to a huge climax that (for some), makes it all worth it. However, my impressions were basically the opposite. I loved the “buildup” and wasn’t as into the climax.

In anime (and other fiction in general), I often find the villains to be more sympathetic than the good guys, assuming it’s a morally grey series. Most of the time I’m on the good guys’ side, but in a series like this, I was definitely with the villains. It was really cool seeing them come in and slowly take over the village, and I found a lot of the villains to be among the most likable/entertaining characters as well. Megumi is basically over the top ridiculously evil all the time, and every second she’s on screen after she becomes a vampire is joyful, especially since her design is so good. Sunako’s speeches are all great, and I liked her design quite a bit, too. The minor vampires are cool in general too, and I often found myself coming to like characters more after they became vampires. I dunno, they just didn’t feel that evil to me? I mean, they weren’t super nice, but it felt mostly like they were just trying to get by (compared to something like Tokyo Ghoul, where most of the villains are super evil to humans - the vampires here a lot more like the good guy ghouls from that). Plus the good guys are kinda dicks in general. The slow way they take over the village is really interesting compared to a lot of other villain plans. It’s not uncommon for villains to have plans that take a long time to come to fruition, but usually you don’t get to see what those plans are until the end. Here we get to see it every step of the way. Salem’s Lot and Dracula have cool slow builds too, but we don’t get to see as much from the villains’ perspective in those, and the villains feel more evil there, too.

The most interesting of the good guys here is Ozaki. He’s basically the one guy who realizes the truth, but no one believes him. He goes to all sorts of crazy extremes to discover the depths of the truth, and probably commits more acts of evil than anyone else in the show, but everything he does makes total sense, too. He’s kinda the star of the climax, which I did find mostly entertaining, despite what I said earlier. The spectacle of the villagers defeating the vampires is quite entertaining, and I do enjoy it thematically as well. ‘Humans are the real monsters’ plots can sometimes feel silly, especially in fiction where the monsters are pretty damn evil, but it works here, since we’ve come to have so much affection for the vampires over the course of the anime (of course, I’m sure some people enjoyed the ending purely for the catharsis of the vampires being slaughtered, which is fine, though it’s missing the point a bit). The kill scenes are often over the top and entertaining (Megumi’s death is hilarious), so that helps too, and I’m glad that Sunako survived at least. Still, it would’ve been cool to have a “bad guys win” story instead, IMO. Anyway, the ending worked well enough for me that it didn’t make me stop liking the series, but with an ending I liked more this could’ve definitely been a good ten spots higher.

Also the hairstyles in the show are amazing I love ‘em <3
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User Info: pyresword

2 months ago#455
I definitely think the buildup in Shiki is "better" than the climax which felt lacking in some ways.

Not sure which part I'd actually say I like more though. I'm a fan of the whole thing more or less.
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User Info: MariaTaylor

2 months ago#456
Shiki is cool, just below the level of all time great status for me.
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User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
2 months ago#457
13. Devilman Crybaby

And so we reach the most recent anime in the top… 75, I think? Before it came out, I didn’t really know what this was. I thought it’d be another Devilman spinoff, and we’ve had plenty of those. Seeing that it was a (relatively) faithful adaptation of the original Devilman manga ramped up my excitement, though. Some people find it silly (because it is), but I loved the Devilman manga. The pace is fast (it’s only 5 volumes), and pretty much every chapter has something awesome happen. Seeing Akira change from mostly an everyday average anime protagonist into an evil badass (who still fights for justice, just violently) is awesome, and they portrayed it excellently in the show with his added crybaby nature. They made the transition a bit smoother in the show, but it’s still good. Ryou’s great as his best friend/rival, and I think he gets more development too. The biggest change for the series is that the side characters get to do more, I think. In the manga, they’re often introduced and killed over the span of a chapter, but here lots of them get good development over the course of the series (the Mikis, for example).

The animation and style of the series are also fantastic. I’m not always into what Masaaki Yuaki does, but here he seemed to have a bigger budget to work with, so his style didn’t feel like a money-saving technique in any way. I love the art, and the music is also outstanding. The rappers are both silly and very fun. Some people dislike the ending, but I feel like it fits the series well enough. It’s kinda too bad they didn’t just straight adapt what the manga did, but people probably would’ve been even more annoyed at the ending without all the parts they added, and it fits better with the rest of the series this way. Lots of cool imagery here as well that you can see with deeper analysis. Easily the greatest Netflix original anime of all time.
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User Info: NFUN

2 months ago#458
Video Game Music Contest 14 winner: Terraria Calamity - Scourge of the Universe

User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
2 months ago#459
12. Kill La Kill

While it’s a bit unfortunate that KLK is literally just “worse TTGL,” TTGL is great enough that KLK still manages to be one of the best anime, and it does have a few cool unique things about it. Perhaps chief amongst those things is its protagonist. Ryuko is mostly supremely entertaining. It’s awesome how angry at everything she is all the time. I suppose there are a few series out there with angry protagonists, but Ryuko mostly pulls it off extremely well. I’m not as much of a fan of her development later in the series, but she still manages to entertain. Satsuki works out real well as the villain/rival too. Logic vs. emotion is always a fun conflict for a series, and all their battles are great. The twist of it all being Satsuki’s plan was pulled off really well, but I didn’t like the episodes immediately following that twist all that much. The twist of her and Ryuko being sisters I wasn’t as much of a fan of, since having the two of them hook up would’ve made for a much better ending. The rest of the cast is mostly pretty colorful and entertaining as well. Satsuki’s subordinates are a lot of fun, particularly Gamagoori/Nonon/Nui. I know a bunch of people didn’t like Nui that much, but her antics were maybe my favorite part of the second half of the series. Extra villain Ragyo was alright, but I didn’t find her to be super interesting in general. Mako had some good stuff and some not so good stuff. Senketsu was mediocre, and Nude Beach guy felt like a plot device rather than an interesting person.

The other main thing to talk about with KLK is the animation/action. It was an intentional style, but I often found myself wishing for more detailed standard animation. The fights with a lot of frames looked great, and even the fights with a (seemingly) budget-saving style were entertaining, but I wanted more. Also wasn’t a fan of some of the fanservice, particularly the weird bouncing breasts during the transformation sequences (the transformation sequences were pretty s***ty in general. I know Imaishi can do cool transformations, like in Panty & Stocking, so it’s a shame we didn’t get something that creative and good-looking here). The last couple episodes felt like they tried a bit harder in that respect.

There’s not much story, and it’s not that great in general, but it mostly facilitates the series well enough. I did like the true nature of the threat at the end of the series, and the last episode was great. The OVA managed to be surprisingly awesome too (not really just fanservice, more of a true final episode thingy). My favorite part of the show was probably the second quarter, where Ryuko had to fight the four kings or whatever they were called. Every fight was interesting and unique, and there was a bunch of development for cool characters like Gamagoori. The show kinda felt like it wasn’t sure where it was supposed to be going at some points, so this arc was a nice highlight. Very cool show overall. Wonder if Promare will give me the same sort of feeling.
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User Info: swordz9

2 months ago#460
Oh ya go my Kill la Kill. One of the very few anime I watched in Japanese and then again in English.
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