So i'm playing Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon *SPOILERS*

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User Info: Waluigi1

5 days ago#211
Punnyz posted...
so a few more questions

the weapon cycle

what does it actually do?

Does it make your attack weaker?
Less accuracy?
the dominant weapon can critical more?

If you mean the weapon triangle, then it's super important. You'll straight up lose to the opposing weapon type most of the time. When you have the advantage, you do more damage, and each of you have better and worse accuracy respectfully.
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User Info: Kenri

5 days ago#212
Mewtwo59 posted...
Xane is one of the best units in the game. You know that one unit you have that destroys everyone? Well, now you have two of him.

Yeah this. Xane is stupidly good. You don't need to him to win or anything but he's never dead weight.
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User Info: MalcolmMasher

5 days ago#213
The weapon triangle affects accuracy and damage. The magnitude is tied to weapon rank, so on low difficulties, it's a pretty marginal effect. It's more significant in high difficulties, where all of the enemies have A-ranks.

Skill increases accuracy and critical rate. It's not literally non-functional, just underpowered.

I love deploying both Ballisticians and making Xane copy one, so that I have triple ballistas.
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User Info: Punnyz

5 days ago#214
So I beat the level

and yes, I went back to the Coliseum because I didn't want this b**** of a game to beat me

yea, it goes beyond any reason why I went back knowing the yield can go dead

actually, it DID happen again, but I ended up winning it anyways. after 5 attacks

while not pitiful, Darros, Marth, and Draug have the lowest speeds in my army. I had a really hard time training these guys the first time and I didn't know why

The others were a piece of cake

but I think this is the reason. So I trained those 3 first this time and was super careful with them.

once they got leveled up, it was easy street. well, Caena was still hard but you know what I mean

Samson was way too hard, the enemies were promoted and he wasn't strong enough to take them out.

they also become promoted when Marth and Julian the thief is at lvl 16

I didn't train Xane though, since he imitates

now I need to decide who to use my 3 master seals on
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User Info: Punnyz

5 days ago#215
Oh, also, since I knew I'd be grinding this time, I took Maria instead of Wrys to heal, since it'd be wasting exp

shes now lvl 20 too lol

User Info: Punnyz

5 days ago#216
BTW Frey is f***ing amazing

Hes so fast and powerful

is it a f***ing joke that hes good and hes supposed to be the sacrifice?

User Info: NeoElfboy

5 days ago#217
I'd have to check the stats but I believe that on average, all three of the initial cavaliers (Cain, Abel, and Frey) have very good stats. So yeah he's supposed to be good. I agree that it's surprising that the canon sacrifice isn't worse. Sadly you can't get him on Hard Mode.

Malcolm covered how the weapon triangle works in SD well, but it's worth noting that the effects vary game to game. In FE6-10, for instance, having triangle advantage is +1 atk and +X hit, and -1 atk and -X hit for your enemy. X is either 10 or 15 depending on the game. In FE11-14, the exact effect is more complicated and based on the weapon ranks of both units involved.
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User Info: Punnyz

5 days ago#218
I had no idea weapon rank effected anything other than what you're able to equip
(edited 5 days ago)

User Info: Punnyz

5 days ago#219
also, I should just give all stat increasing stuff to Marth, huh?
(edited 5 days ago)

User Info: Punnyz

5 days ago#220
Alright, after thinking about it long and hard, I'm gonna upgrade Caena, Draug, and Frey

I wish I had a female swordmaster :(

though I suppose I could've just class changed any of the benched women I have at any time and I just never thought about it in time and its far too late to do that now
(edited 5 days ago)
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  3. So i'm playing Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon *SPOILERS*

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