~*~DillosCon~*~: Annual Celebration of Dillos Pop Culture [lewd] [pure] [dillos]

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User Info: Mr Lasastryke

Mr Lasastryke
1 week ago#81
it's actually chad kroeger, not nickelback.

get your nickelback-related facts straight!
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i refuse to get nickelback-related facts correct
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User Info: kateee

1 week ago#83
i only know one Nickelback song

User Info: GTM

1 week ago#84
he brainwashed avril
GTM - Boko United
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User Info: kateee

1 week ago#85
he was a sk8er boi

User Info: GenesisSagat

1 week ago#86
I've never been brave enough to try to order this thing, not because I don't think I can finish it (I KNOW I can't) but because I thought the cashier would laugh at me and say they don't have that, but turns out they have a button for it on the register and everything.

Pics in a sec

User Info: kateee

1 week ago#87
watching Genshiken and i remembered something random that happened like a couple months ago.

in the manga section at Barnes & Noble, which is part of the mall area and this guy just starts with, "Can I tell you something?"

I'm all for random conversations with strangers if it can turn out interesting so i say sure. and he tells me that he met the voice actor for Goku at some noodle place that was in the same area.

i guess he thought i would be super excited about hearing that and was just kind of looking expectantly. so i just said "here?" and he says yeah around here. and i say "ok."

then he says something about how he told me because he figured i was some super weeb (not his exact words lol) because i was in the manga section and i would know who Goku was or something.

i think at this point he mentions some other VA for some super mainstream title dub and i'm just like "yeah" so the conversation ends and he just awkwardly walks away.

sorry dude. but even if i was the kind of person who gets excited at the prospect of meeting public figures, i don't know what i'm supposed to do with that. >_>

i guess i could have steered the conversation to another topic but at that point i didn't really care so whatever. <_<

User Info: kateee

1 week ago#88
that pretty much sums up most of my interactions with people in real life who may be into some niche thing i am but like almost none of the same things within that niche i do.

oh well.

User Info: TexasZea

1 week ago#89
that sounds incredibly awkward and not because of you
TexasZea posted...
that sounds incredibly awkward and not because of you


going around telling random people you met famous people is strange, I wouldn't know what to do with that beyond fake interest which would still be incredibly awkward

"oh, really?"

"that's cool"
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