Survivor/BB/TAR Summer Topic 1 - A Reality Clash

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User Info: Peridiam

2 weeks ago#31
Brett/Winston are fun on the feeds. Rachel is decent too. Angela is boring. Kaycee is eh. Tyler is just playing well.

On the flip side Swaggy/Haleigh are great. Kaitlyn too.

I’m not much a fan of Faysal/Bay/Rockstar yet.

For the middle: JC is fun, Sam is fun, Scottie is there.

I don’t want Brett/Winston to leave though. They’ll go first before the girls most likely, but man are they doofuses.

User Info: Underleveled

2 weeks ago#32
Peridiam posted...
On the flip side Swaggy/Haleigh are great. Kaitlyn too.

These three and Sam are my favorites so far. Bayleigh, Faysal and Rockstar are a distant next tier down.

Brett/Winston/Angela/Rachel are the worst.

Kaitlyn has the potential to go way down though.

For example, if she puts up Faysal and Haleigh out of spite and jealousy (note - not watching feed, have no idea if these are the moms or if they have even done noms yet)
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User Info: Espeon

2 weeks ago#33
I just realized I said I hate Tyler. f***. Can we vote out Brett please, because for whatever reason, whenever someone talks about Tyler, my mind assumes that Brett is Tyler. I hate BRETT, not Tyler.
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User Info: eaedwards6400

1 week ago#34
I thought it was odd you hated Tyler. He's a little alpha but not that bad
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User Info: Inviso

1 week ago#35
Yeah. For whatever reason, whenever someone says "Tyler", I think of Brett. And whenever someone says "Bayleigh", I think of Haleigh.
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User Info: Underleveled

1 week ago#36
Tyler is the only remotely interesting person in that alliance (not counting JC and Sam as "in the alliance")
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User Info: mnkboy907

1 week ago#37
Man, yesterday's episode made it sound like it was super easy for them to get a seventh vote. In actuality it took days and days, before finally Tyler got Kaitlyn to come around (which happened just hours before). They also cut out that Brett and Winston at one point wanted to keep Steve, but couldn't convince the others that it was the smarter play, and that Tyler actually told Kaycee and then later the rest of L6 that Sam had the power. (spoilered in case they come back to show it later) There was also more drama involving Kaitlyn that likely caused her to flip.
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User Info: CoolCly

1 week ago#38
everyone slam talks the level 6 but aside from Winston I think they are all pretty solid

everyones just jelly cause they so good looking
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User Info: Peridiam

1 week ago#39
I very much enjoy Level 6 (but this opinion heavily includes feeds-watching).

Brett/Winston are doofuses and I really enjoy not taking them seriously.
Rachel is subdued but is playing the game hard. I hope she finds her footing as the season goes on.
Angela is still there.
Kaycee is decent. Really sweet. I suspect she'll do well.
Tyler is the front-runner. Cool dude. Superfan and a good head on his shoulders. I'll find it tough to root against him even if he continues to be in control.

User Info: Underleveled

1 week ago#40
I see a lot of potential in Tyler as a character, but I don't think I'd like to see him win. A little too cocky, and too much of a DR shouter. Maybe an early-jury blindside.
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