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User Info: GTM

2 weeks ago#11
Could casting a 37 contestant in "hot water" be why lynne was let go?
GTM - Boko United
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User Info: Underleveled

2 weeks ago#12
DoctorBIind posted...
Underleveled posted...
By the way, this was reported late last week but I never saw it talked about here. Apparently yet another S37 contestant is in hot water before the cast is even officially announced

What’s the first?

Two contestants broke the NDA by revealing their relationship on social media. It went very public (even TMZ picked up on it) and at least one of them has already been banned from attending the reunion.

User Info: GTM

2 weeks ago#13
here's a wall of text

Level 6 - Tyler, KC, Rachel, Angela, Winston, Brett
- liked him preseason since he knew the show and even watched Big Brother Canada and knew Ika was rightfully the queen
- I like him, he's fine, not as douchy as the rest of the alliance
- I like KC, she's also non-offensive
- wow I love her hair, she needs it down more often
- my preseason winner pick, hasn't done much so far
- don't have a strong opinion, upside is Erica I hope
- feels like a dude who's trying too hard to be cool by saying stuff like "our alliance has babes!"
- Brett is a douche

FOUTTE - Swaggy, Rockstar, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Fessy
Swaggy C
- seems smart-ish in the 1st episode, he tries to think things through + consequences
- ok lol he's overplaying the c***iness now
- she's fine for now, I want more from her
- lol she loves the rainbow costume, of course she does
- she's nuts
- keeps saying namaste and it's annoying
- dove scene: she's still nuts
- Inoffensive but nothing there yet
- boring jock

- I thought I wouldn't like Bayleigh but her personality is really fun
- lol Swaggy C and Bayleigh, they're BOTH like 'they're totally into me, but obviously, I'm the one that's playing it cool"
- Kiss: grosssssssss he said she was like a little sister
- "I refuse to eat slop, it's something not fit for a queen"

Steve - he's ok
Scotty - they gave him nothing beyond him running away from a kiss

Sam - awwww sam, easily my favorite
- i love sam "yall f***ing suck"
- I can see it be grating with her constant crying and victim noises as a robot, but I empathize with the loneliness and the general suckiness of her punishment
- Not very good with the diary room robot jokes though
- she just feels so wholesome

JC - he's ok, some fun moments

- personalities are great and I'm hyped with this group of people, feel like there's a lot of fun and a lot of potential
- 1st comp twist & reward is stupid, I don't like it
- doing it based on groups of 4 is stupid
- have-not room doesn't look bad. not like a cold tomb room or anything

Ep3 spoileries:
- she couldn't believe that she was trending and her first reaction was "why?" she's just so humble and wholesome
- [unexcitedly] "why you doing this to your boy. [pause] your boy loves America."
GTM - Boko United
survivor and dillos and nintendo and wrestling

User Info: Underleveled

2 weeks ago#14
I would honestly probably root for Russell Hantz against Brett/Winston/Rachel/Angela. I hate him but he's interesting. I hate Level 6 and aside from Tyler they are boring.

User Info: Ringworm

2 weeks ago#15
Saw a preview for the third season of Australian Survivor earlier. Think the preview has been out for a week or so, but I rarely watch that channel it's on. I'm fairly sure it's also online for anyone interested (you have probably seen it already if you are interested).

Theme is Champions vs Challengers which has been known for a while. A few "champions" revealed in the preview are minor sports stars anyone outside of Australia would not recognize. I get the feeling that these "champions" will probably get a lot of the focus and it will probably ruin what they had going after a great season last year, when it was just regular Aussies.

I'll give it a fair shot, but I'm a bit worried what happened last time they tried a "celebrity" version of Survivor here may happen again. That was terrible. This SHOULD be better, but I can't see it living up to last season.
~ Ringworm ~
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User Info: Mewtwo59

2 weeks ago#16
Did that rumor about Russell Hantz being on the season end up being true?
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User Info: Underleveled

2 weeks ago#17
Live feed drama...

Apparently JC has been going around grabbing other houseguests' private parts (both male and female) with an ice cream scoop despite being told repeatedly to stop. Some fans have been calling for his expulsion.

User Info: eaedwards6400

2 weeks ago#18
Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame! GO VOTE FOR UCA! ~Join B8 on TEW!~

User Info: bwburke94

2 weeks ago#19
Mewtwo59 posted...
Did that rumor about Russell Hantz being on the season end up being true?

Full cast isn't out yet, so we don't know.
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User Info: Underleveled

1 week ago#20
This seems inhumane...
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