NBA Draft Topic?

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User Info: LeonhartFour

6 days ago#371
so Trae Young is stinking up Summer League

the Hawks traded away Doncic to get this guy

User Info: ShatteredElysium

4 days ago#372
Welp. Magic GM says we are very likely done adding through free agency this year. He did at least specify free agency so a trade remains on the table but that's still disappointing. We have the MLE and apparently we're just going to sit on it despite our guard situation being pretty bad.

I have to assume they actually see something in Jerian Grant as unless they trade for a PG then him and Augustin are going to be playing a lot of minutes.

User Info: LeonhartFour

4 days ago#373
Spurs re-sign Rudy Gay

man next season is going to be sad

User Info: ScareChan

4 days ago#374
Kings may pursue Marcus smart

Way more into that than lavine

And would love to trade for Johnathan simmons
LeonhartFour posted...
Spurs re-sign Rudy Gay

man next season is going to be sad

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User Info: neonreaper

4 days ago#376

Boston dot com has a nice article about GH to get us hype
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User Info: LeonhartFour

3 days ago#377
Isaiah Thomas to the Nuggets

...Jeremy Lin to the Hawks?

User Info: ShatteredElysium

2 days ago#378
IT only got 2m on a 1 year deal? His medical must look atrocious if we weren't willing to chance that because even if he only plays 30 or 40 games that's still worth it

User Info: SpikeDragon

2 days ago#379
I'd take a chance on IT for 2 mil easily.
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User Info: MZero11

2 days ago#380
"Back up the Brinks Truck"

Poor IT :/
MZero, to the extreme
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