Magic the Gathering topic: How did that purge before Prerelease

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User Info: GTN

1 week ago#351
or maybe he'll be on and then there will be large backlash over it and they will have to change it cause of their sponsor

User Info: trdl23

1 week ago#352
New lore bomb got dropped today: Bolas and Ugin are twins and were alongside the first Elder Dragons. I have no idea how this contradicts old lore but I’m sure some people will be up in arms. We also get to see the first glimpses of Bolas’s ruthlessness and Ugin’s obsession with observation.

Also, I feel like twins with sparks are becoming a theme going forward. First Will and Rowan, now this revelation.
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User Info: GenesisSagat

1 week ago#353
First one was early anyway. I'll try to remember to save Will next hour if he needs it more than other characters.

User Info: Sceptilesolar

1 week ago#354
At Vegas. GP is fun thus far, lost a beta draft qualifier very badly but split prizes in a chaos draft, which was cool. Sometimes you just wanna draft 2 drops and combat tricks and auras and kill people, and the draft cooperated.

I also learned the best and worst feelings in a single game of Magic. The best feeling is when your opponent, who is handily stomping you, unnecessarily swings out without doing the math and leaves themself dead to a removal spell on the crackback. The worst feeling is when they were sandbagging Vicious Offering to get out of it and don't get punished for it.
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oh hey, I finally got into the Arena beta

only took like 6 months

User Info: ff6man

5 days ago#356
Jakyl25 posted...
Fun Fact: That man is actually Vlado

Lmao. Completely legitimate.
this is a gmun alt
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User Info: trdl23

5 days ago#357
3-0'd draft at FNM since my deck had ALL 3 Wizards-matter legendaries. That was a stupidly hilarious draft. I even got to live the dream of having Naban out, casting Wizard's Lightning, then copying it TWICE with Naru Meha!
E come vivo? Vivo!

User Info: BlackDra90n

4 days ago#358
Just threw together a Brawl deck with Muldrotha as my commander. It's probably pretty terrible since I just looked through the random cards I've picked up in prereleases and threw something together, but the format seems interesting and I figure it's good to start something and just improve it over time.
beta draft hype
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