Drawing Topic 3.0(?)

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User Info: sraegonex

4 months ago#151
Corrik posted...

A+ take here. Smooth.

When you've had the actual reasons explained to you in the topic about 20 times but you still can't comprehend them it's not really worth re-re-re-explaining. In the words of Shadow, "You'e too slow!"

Lopen posted...
The guy's signature is "Butts." you should probably take it as a compliment.

Who doesn't like butts?

Now here is a Star Wars movie that would revitalize the franchise (as long as it doesn't launch ~5 months after the last film, alongside some of the fiercest competition possible, and while also having a publicly troubled shoot. Anyone with half a brain could tell you a movie like that would bomb!)
<div class="vid_container"><div class="yt_player" data-id="VVpG1iC737c" data-time=""><img class="yt_thumb" src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/VVpG1iC737c/hqdefault.jpg"><div class="play_btn"></div></div></div>

User Info: Ace_Killjoy

4 months ago#152
Wow, these bump comments...

User Info: pyro_bunta

4 months ago#153
What's going on
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User Info: Gatarix

4 months ago#154
there's a bump-bot that automatically bumps topics, but it does so with actual posts (e.g. GTN uses posts from the actual user GTM)

flower bot is super cute btw, I like the sort of dot-matrix filter you used
You put your RESOLVE HAT back on, which conveniently is the same hat as your NORMAL HAT.

User Info: Ainoxi

4 months ago#155
Hah, almost forgot about that comment, this is why you don't engage with Corricks.

And damn do I want that account name.

User Info: GTN

4 months ago#156
dont like cody dont like cameron

christmas was my preseason pick so hope its not her

User Info: GTN

4 months ago#157
yeah I think Josh definitely looked better. Cody just starts swearing and name-calling out of nowhere.

User Info: GenesisSagat

4 months ago#158
Nathan Explosion

User Info: Drakeryn

4 months ago#159
I impulse bought a pack of colored pens yesterday. Going to try and do more stuff with color and backgrounds.

another place and time, without a great divide, and we could be flying deadly high

User Info: X_Dante_X

4 months ago#160
so is the second one testing out the black colored pen
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