Haunter ranks 101 games he's played over the last decade, with write-ups.

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User Info: Gatarix

2 months ago#11
agree completely on Setsuna

snow-covered land is not a bad concept (I usually love snow/ice levels) but needed much better execution. instead, everything in Setsuna was kinda samey - you see one place, you've seen them all
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User Info: OliviaTremor

2 months ago#12
That's an intense reaction to not liking a game. 'I hate this game! Clearly no other completely unrelated games on this system can be good!'

User Info: Haunter12O

2 months ago#13
OliviaTremor posted...
That's an intense reaction to not liking a game. 'I hate this game! Clearly no other completely unrelated games on this system can be good!'

I was going through some big life changes at the time, and I was also broke and really wanted a PS3. Bravely Default was the catalyst that turned the lightbulb on -- go in and trade it in along with the handheld for a PS3 and a few games.

96. Tokyo Xanadu eX+
Original Release: 2017
Developer: Falcom
Platform: PS4


If you think Falcom can do no wrong when it comes to creating a great, modernized JRPG, I present to you Tokyo Xanadu. It feels like a cheap, "let's squeeze as much as we can from the Cold Steel assets" thing with very few redeemable qualities. As if they didn't reuse enough for Cold Steel II... Everything else about Xanadu was done better in a different game. The school/social link system is actually way more similar (carbon copy actually) to Cold Steel I, except none of the characters or the school were anywhere as cool as Thors (or Gekkoukan, or Inaba, or P5's school for that matter). Like the Trails series, the game wants you to go check up on and talk to everyone after every major story event to fill up character entries in your notebook, but never once did I feel like I was doing this out of pure interest. In CS, Sky, and Zero, I was actually genuinely interested in the world and its inhabitants, but here I felt like I was doing it out of respect for Falcom. Exploring a sector of Tokyo multiple times over every chapter is getting pretty boring in games nowadays.

I guess what kept me going to the very end was because it was Falcom, and I was sort of interested in all the mysteries and revelations presented early on coming to light. Most of these are disappointing, especially the reveals of the main bad guy and the masked white cape guy. Believe me on that last one, the reveal of the White Shroud is embarrassingly stupid. The game even goes full melodrama at the end and has main character Kou deliver heartfelt speeches about the power of friendship and how they'll overcome any barrier. I dropped the game after the epilogue. As far as the extra eX+ content goes, it requires you to do a side story after the end of every chapter. These side stories are extremely disconnected from the main plot and focus on one of your characters going on a picnic and then whoamg an eclipse appears what will happen next? I hated how the main plot often picked up near the end of the chapters and then it forced me to play one of these.

Oh and most of the plot points in the game have already been done before. Chapter 3 starts off with a hacker sitting at a desk full of computers hacking at the mainframe of the city while ordering ramen. The song in the background is the exact same song that plays during pretty much the same exact event from Zero no Kiseki, where a kid hacker is accessing the mainframe of the series except ramen replaces pizza. Falcom straight up ripped off their own game. Later on, there are events alluding or even copying Cold Steel and Sky plot points.

The battle system is alright. You can have only one character participating in battle at a time but your special skills can allow another to join the fray temporarily. From what I hear this is a "beta Ys VIII battle system" and it shows quite clearly. Ys VIII did gameplay a whole lot better. All the dungeons in this game are nothing more than maze-like corridors with occasionally a puzzle or two.

My suggestion: Don't play this game because it's probably Falcom's worst. Do, however, listen to the pretty good soundtrack. All the Trails games on this list are ranked pretty damn high, but Tokyo Xanadu gave me a bitter taste in my mouth.
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: Haunter12O

2 months ago#14
95. Star Ocean 4
Original Release: 2009
Developer: tri-Ace/Square Enix
Platform: X-Box 360




K debonair on the RPGs: EE board said it best: The characters in Star Ocean 4 are so s***ty that they literally drive the only sane party member into madness. This is NOT a joke.

In fact I'll repost what I recently said about the game. Man was it a piece of work. It actually started off promising before spiraling out of control and becoming a s***show.

I mean, at the beginning it promises a vast world, multiple planets to explore, and a story focusing on exploration. The thought of exploring multiple planets was amazing for a Star Ocean game considering every other one focuses on no more than two planets. The two main characters and the third one that joins you early on seem like generally likable people.

Then, you find out something's up with the writing when Lymle joins. Suddenly, cutscenes become long and awkward, and her voicework and character absolutely sucks. But no matter! The pacing is still pretty good, and we're only on the second planet.

We're then thrusted into the third planet, which is nothing more than an extremely long 3-4 hour dungeon WITH ONLY TWO SAVE POINTS, ONE AT THE BEGINNING AND ONE AT THE END. WHAT THE f***. Oh well, it's still cool to explore an alien mothership.

Okay, whatever, let's keep playing. I'm sure it gets better. Oh no, it doesn't. We get another annoying character, a catgirl who is underage and wears very little clothing. Then suddenly, something ridiculous happens and for literally the rest of the game Edge is an annoying, whiny piece of s***. There is a THIRD annoying character by the name of Sarah, and much of the cutscenes in the game which can last up to an hour focus primarily on Lymle, Sarah, and Meracle. Just watch the above video for a shining example of quality voice acting and line delivery in video games. Oh and I can't forget Welch, an annoying NPC (she was better in SO3) that gets more screen time than some of the playable characters.

The pacing falls apart, the story is pretty much nonexistent, there are only three planets to actually explore, with the rest of them being nothing more than glorified dungeons. The cast of characters is the worst cast EVER in any JRPG I'm not even f***ing joking here. Actually, the male characters of the group sans Edge are decent but get very little to no screen time so they don't really count. The soundtrack is forgettable, there is an annoying section in one of the planets where you have to swap discs every time you want to go from point A and point B (not to mention swapping discs in general in many areas or backtracking, think Legend of Dragoon) but I'm sure this will be fixed in the HD version.

I've heard mention of some saying the battle system is great. Well, it's not half bad, but the game forces you to basically master blindsides because bosses are frustrating if you can't manage to toss a few of them. Unfortunately blindsides are pretty difficult to master requiring lots of practices and at times they felt random.

No joke but SO5 is better, 'kay?
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: NFUN

2 months ago#15
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User Info: Haunter12O

2 months ago#16
94. Super Mario Run
Original Release: 2016
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Mobile

As of this writing, I have just learned that there was an update to this game last year that added new content. I would rank this game higher had I known there was DLC earlier, but I'll try it out and maybe retroactively change the ranking in the future.

Anyway, not much to say here. SMR was a cool concept that worked well, but the pricetag and the fact that there were only 24 levels wasn't too thrilling. As a result, the game came and went. I paid $9.99, ran through the levels, and then never touched the game again. I hope Nintendo starts releasing more mobile games because I will probably never own another Nintendo console. I say probably because I may buy one for my kids in the future, but for now I have no interest in buying a Switch unless someone convinces me otherwise.

93. Star Ocean 5
Original Release: 2016
Developer: tri-Ace/Square Enix
Platform: PS4

The Star Ocean series is pretty tragic. SO4 had probably the worst cast ever and is an all around mediocre game otherwise and SO5...was a cash grab by Square Enix to fund Final Fantasy XV. Everything about is so budget. They even reused music from SO3 and SO4 quite frequently and often. I mean, this is Motoi Sakuraba we're talkin' about, the guy who composes like thousands of music that all sound similar, and they couldn't even be bothered to get him to compose a brand new OST for this game. Fortunately, the new (and old) compositions used here are really, really good, and I'd go as far as to say this is one of his best recent works.

Unlike SO4 the characters here are actually okay ('kay), but the voice acting and direction could use some work. Being able to use all of them in battle is actually really cool and I want to see more games utilizing a seven-person team or more. Battles were pretty hectic most of the time and there were some moments of true exhilaration, like the Der Suul boss fight. Other than that, it's almost as if tri-Ace attempted to try and create a worse version of Star Ocean 1 here since there's only one planet. You do get to go on a spaceship or two but like 95% of the game takes place on Resulia, a medieval planet that doesn't stand out from every other medieval world out there. The game's plot is okay but requires way too much backtracking and I feel like they ran out of money at the end. Victor says he's from the snow town but when I reached that area it was a giant dungeon and none of the characters said anything. The villain could have used more screen time and there wasn't a whole lot of additional content, especially when you try to compare it to SO2 and SO3. And no new Cave of Trials remix -- a true shame!

Bonus Question What is your favorite Mission to Deep Space remix?


User Info: ninkendo

2 months ago#17
aww yeah that 629 hour Star Ocean 4 platinum

User Info: Haunter12O

2 months ago#18
629 hours for Star Ocean 4 jesus...

92. Tales of Xillia 2
Original Release: 2014
Developer: Namco Bandai
Console: PS3

First of all, I promise I like JRPGs. Honest! In case you're wondering considering they fill up the entire back half of this ranking. Secondly, if you haven't surmised this already with my Tokyo Xanadu write-up, I absolutely abhor recycled assets. Tales of Xillia 2 absolutely excels in that. The original is probably the most average-st Tales game and the sequel attempts to squeeze as much out of that as possible. It's like The After Years for FFIV, only worse.

Anyway, everything is the same pretty much. There are maybe three or four new towns, a few new dungeons, and that's it. The entirety of the game includes the same exact areas you visited in the first game. Sometimes the game outright forces you to revisit all these areas, multiple times. I mean, I don't know anyone who had fun exploring those empty squares of land the first game called fields, but if you enjoyed hugging the wall looking for little holes in the wall that lead to treasures, well, this game is for you!

Also the game has this annoying gimmick where the only way you can progress is to pay off debt so you can't move to the next chapter without making a certain amount of money. So prepare to grind.

Ludger is actually a kinda sorta decent hero, but only because he doesn't talk and it gives him this silent badass type of tone. It's nice that you can switch between battle styles in battle but the gun style seemed useless because there's so much going on in battle. The only time it was useful was during the Volt battle which was an exercise in frustration.

Also, the game ruins the characters of Gaius and Muzee. They are now playable characters, and instead of the menacing badasses they were in the original, they're now basically background secondary characters that occasionally quip and their sidequests are terrible. Like, Gaius has to learn how to get along with some street punks.

But hey, if you like cats you might like this game.

User Info: NBIceman

2 months ago#19
I love cats and I do indeed love ToX2. Think it's better than the first one by a considerable margin.
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User Info: BlueCrystalTear

2 months ago#20
I loved Bravely Default for the first half of it. Then it started to get tiring due to its unnecessary repetition. When I played Bravely Second... yeah, couldn't keep with it, since it was the same game only with an obnoxious protagonist. It went from being one of my favorite games to something I never intend to replay because I've already invested enough of my life in it. It doesn't deserve to be this low, but I don't have any idea where it would fall on a ranking list of my own tbh
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