thirty-one tabletop games, ranked

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User Info: SeabassDebeste

3 days ago#1
Recap from post 1 of the last topic:

I got into the board gaming hobby three years ago, and a year into it, I ranked the first hundred that I'd played, including expansions and games I'd played only very lightly.

It's been two years since then and I've accumulated a lot more experience, and there are enough games now that I've played multiple times to revisit this list using only games where I've played 2 or more times.

Ranking will be done on a combination of:

- How much I've enjoyed it in the past - both on average (fun per play) and on aggregate (number of plays total)
- How much I admire the game design
- How much I want to play the game again (which can vary on a lot of factors)

The List So Far

80. Secret Hitler
79. Mascarade
78. Sheriff of Nottingham
77. Good Cop, Bad Cop
76. Dead of Winter
75. Word on the Street
74. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Punch Missed
73. Boss Monster
72. Colt Express
71. God's Gambit
70. Sushi Go
69. Qwirkle
68. Cosmic Encounter
67. Ticket to Ride

66. Settlers of Catan
65. Machi Koro
64. Zombicide
63. King of Tokyo
62. Guillotine
61. Turn the Tide
60. Coup
59. Roll for the Galaxy
58. San Juan
57. Ca$h 'n Guns

Feeling Bold
56. The Bloody Inn
55. World's Fair 1893
54. The Grizzled
53. Two Rooms and a Boom
52. 7 Wonders
51. Tokaido (also Lost Cities: The Board Game)
50. Takenoko
49. Karuba
48. Acquire
47. Welcome to the Dungeon

46. Ra
45. Pit
44. Love Letter
43. Dixit
42. D-Day Dice
41. Small World
40. Mysterium
39. 6 nimmt!
38. No Thanks!

Well Fed
37. Agricola
36. Ghost Blitz
35. BANG: The Dice Game
34. Power Grid
33. Tzolk'in
32. Seasons
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User Info: Colegreen_c12

3 days ago#2
DPOblivion beat us all.

User Info: Girugamesh

3 days ago#3

User Info: Peace___Frog

3 days ago#4
Colegreen_c12 posted...

User Info: Anagram

3 days ago#5
Not changing this sig until I decide to change this sig.
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User Info: banananor

3 days ago#6
excited to get to the good part of the list
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User Info: th3l3fty

3 days ago#7
I was actually being a bit facetious there - I know exactly why people tend to avoid euros

also I really don't like Seasons - it just feels incredibly imbalanced to me, unlike the impeccably-designed 7 Wonders
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User Info: Gatarix

3 days ago#8

You put your RESOLVE HAT back on, which conveniently is the same hat as your NORMAL HAT.

User Info: SeabassDebeste

3 days ago#9
31. Anomia

Genre/mechanics: Pattern recognition, speed, party game
Rules complexity: 1/10
Game length: 10 minutes
Player count: 3-6
Experience: 3-5 plays with 5-7 players
First played: 2017

A deck of cards, which each have a visual pattern (such as a circle, or a diamond, or a square) and a category of word ("four-letter word," "rock band member"). On your turn, you turn a card face up onto your pile. Then, if anyone else's card in front of them matches yours, you must compete for their card by being first to say a word of their card's category before they say a word of your card's category. Win, and you win their card.

Design - Anomia has a phenomenal concept. I tend to like speed pattern recognition games (and there is more to come), but it kicks into love when creativity for laughs is added. Anomia improves upon games like Set or Ghost Blitz because first off, it ensures that only two people have to compete when any given card is flipped, so you have a higher chance at not being shut out. Additionally, you don't just announce you have the solution, but still have a second step of creativity before you get there.

Anomia isn't what you'd call a "tight" game. Your score is based off how many showdowns you win (rather than combination of how much you won and how much you protected your stash) - and there's (technically) a chance you'll engage in zero showdowns through the deck once. It's clearly designed more with laughs per minute in mind than factors such as competitiveness or game balance - and as far as I've played it, it's relatively successful there.

Experience - Lots of laughs from this game from everyone except non-native-English speakers - it's gonna be tougher when so many categories are cultural reference pools. Depending on the category, you might also see some surprising responses - when "sex toys" comes up as a category, you might not expect how quickly someone answers. It's a really nice icebreaker type of game because of that.

Replay - Anomia inherently, is not super-replayable among the same group. The pattern recognition is basic enough that you won't crush someone due to experience, but without house rules preventing it, the same words can be used to satisfy the same clues over and over, so saying "JFK" for "assassination victim" every time will get less novel. Fortunately, there are loads of Anomia decks. I'd love to play this game a few times with each different group and each different deck, but overplay is a real risk for this one.

Bonus question - What is your favorite game that feels ill-defined with respect to rules? How high does it rank among games overall? How important is enjoyment versus tight game design to you?

Hint for #30 - where you can bet on others to win for you, if you suck
yet all sailors of all sorts are more or less capricious and unreliable - they live in the varying outer weather, and they inhale its fickleness
(edited 3 days ago)

User Info: Peace___Frog

3 days ago#10
SeabassDebeste posted...
Additionally, you don't just

Think you lost a bit here
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