Leonhart Ranks 124 User Nominated Games: The Top Five

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User Info: LeonhartFour

2 weeks ago#21
Mac Arrowny posted...
Even though my friends call me a monster for doing it, I still think Mass Effect 3 Spoilers killing Mordin is one of the most emotional moments in the game. Definitely more painful than his ordinary death scene. You can really feel how much Shepard regrets it.

Yeah, that's one of the two Mass Effect 3 decisions I can't ever bring myself to make. The other being siding with the geth over the quarians.

User Info: LeonhartFour

2 weeks ago#22
GranzonEx posted...
LeonhartFour posted...
GranzonEx posted...
#96 is about 96 spots too low

I'd be fine with giving it a big fat 0 if you really want

a fitting ranking considering the chronological placement of the game

I don't even know what you're trying to say here

MGSV isn't like Metal Gear Zero or anything

unless you're just trying to say we'd probably be better off if it never existed and I might be inclined to agree
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User Info: GranzonEx

2 weeks ago#23
it technically is MGZ since it's before MG and BB haven't truly become BB until this game
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User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
2 weeks ago#24
It's after MGS3 though...

For ME3 Geth over Quarians is kinda a weird choice. Would almost feel worse about Quarians over Geth though, since the Quarians are such dicks.
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User Info: LeonhartFour

2 weeks ago#25
I mean both choices suck if you're forced to make one or the other but I'd never do that to Tali because of the consequences of that decision.

User Info: The_Ctes

2 weeks ago#26
Super Mario World is definitely my favorite 2D platformer, followed closely by SMB3.

DKC2 is a great choice too.
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User Info: SeabassDebeste

2 weeks ago#27
as for 2D platformers... smb3 and the genesis sonics definitely rank up there!

also ristar was dope
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User Info: trdl23

2 weeks ago#28
E come vivo? Vivo!

User Info: tazzyboyishere

2 weeks ago#29
If s*** forgot about this. Missed quite a lot!

Galaxy is the best of those. MGS3 is close though.
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User Info: NBIceman

2 weeks ago#30
AxemRedRanger posted...
you would figure that a community formed to talk about contests that's been around for fifteen years would have learned at this point to check previous results before submitting an entry
i guess not!

Doesn't that kind of take some of the fun out of it, though?
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