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User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#51
guffguy89 posted...
So far so good, no bloodbath though? Just 2 deaths from what I read. You must have it set on infrequent kills.

I enjoy this method of delivery where you mix in the declarative statements the hunger games generator makes with certain expounded storytelling. I personally feel like when the whole thing is expounded storytelling, it just becomes a bit too much. But if it's all just the declarative statements from the generator, it's quite dull. The mix is the perfect mix imo, lol.

Yeah the first two parts was kind of the Bloodbath, Prologue basically being an intro with Antagonist getting BTFO immediately since he was the first to die for the start, and the second was more the Bloodbath proper. Day 1 will be the next one hoping to have finished at some point tonight otherwise definitely tomorrow
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User Info: GTN

4 months ago#52
that used to be me!

User Info: GTN

4 months ago#53
15 minute melee.

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#54
Chapter 2 (DAY 1): Mental Warfare

The sun still hangs high overhead and there is still more killing to be done!


After having just killed one adversary, the naked George Custer figures that now would be a time to gather some food and supplies before nightfall! The naked pixel man climbs a tree and gathers some fruit!

Deadpool wanders around hoping something awesome will happen. Unfortunately for him, nobody seems to be around. He decides to lounge around for the rest of the day

HIM lurks in the woods

Maria wakes up with a major headache. Although bruised, she is at least thankful that she is still alive. Realizing that she probably isn’t going to last very long solo, she goes off in search of allies!


Russell runs around whimsically as Carl tries to keep up. However, after travelling a bit, Russell suddenly rushes back!

“Hrm? What’s wrong?”

Russell looked at his companion with slight worry in his eyes. He whispered…

“I think I heard someone up ahead.”

Carl nodded and the two quietly crept closer to investigate.

Up ahead were two men sitting across each other at what looked like a makeshift camp. One wore a bandana which flowed slightly in the breeze, while the other wore a white robe.

Russell looked back

“What are they saying?”

Carl nudged Russell as if to say “quiet”. They both listened in…

. . .

“I see, go on my son.” The white robed man said sagely

Solid Snake continued his tale. It was strange, he usually wasn’t so open talking about things to strangers…but this guy seemed to have some sort of peaceful aura about him. He seemed easy to trust. The guy said his name was Jesus…could he really be THAT Jesus?

“Yeah well, when we were all in that crowd before, I thought I saw someone I knew. Well…not KNEW exactly. I feel like I’ve met him before, but at the same time I don’t recall ever seeing him before in my life. I’ve been wondering if we took part in one of these “Games” together at some point.

Jesus nodded as Snake continued

“I just…I dunno. I am wondering just what the heck is the deal with him. Were we allies? Enemies? Is this just some sort of implanted memory or something to mess with me?

Jesus opened his eyes and spoke to the troubled man

“My son, look inside yourself. I think you already know in your heart that this isn’t some sort of trick and that you are both tied together in some way. I believe that you two will cross paths again and all will become clear soon. You must have faith.”

Snake grumbled and nodded to himself. Although he didn’t outwardly show it, the words of the wise man did make him feel slightly better…

. . .

Russell tried to sneak in closer, trying to hear more of what was going on!

Carl tried to reach out to stop him but…


A branch broke under Russell’s foot, and Snake immediately reacted! He went for his gun and pointed it at their direction! Even though they were somewhat concealed, Carl and Russell froze in place.

“I know you’re there! Step out into the open!”

Russell looked back at Carl, his teeth chattering with fear

“It’s okay boy…just…just follow my lead alright?”

Carl took point and walked out with Russell

“Look buddy, we aren’t lookin for any trouble…”

Snake stared at Carl, then at Russell. Although they seemed relatively harmless, how could he be entirely sure?

At this point, Jesus rose to his feet. He placed one hand on Snake’s shoulder and the other on top of the gun.

“It is okay my son. They mean us no harm.”

Snake glanced at Jesus then somewhat reluctantly lowered his firearm

“…Fine…but I have my eye on you two. Also, Jesus can you quit it with the “my son” stuff…its creeping me out.”
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"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#55
Jesus chuckled and apologized for making Snake uncomfortable!

Carl let out a sigh of relief

“Thanks…that could have gotten ugly.”

Jesus nodded at the two

“Of course, come you can rest with us if you wish!”

Snake looked back at Jesus somewhat disappointed. Seriously? These two strangers sneak up on them so we should let them stay at our camp?

Russell face beamed! “Really!”

Jesus nodded!

Russell was ecstatic that these two turned out to be friendly. Carl groaned as he sat down on a stump to rest. Jesus smiled and Snake well…he looked bewildered about the whole thing. How the hell did he end up with this lot?

As the sun begins to set, the group start up a camp fire.


Lu Bu travels through the woods. One of the trees appears slightly abnormal and seems to have a face, but he chooses to ignore it. He notices some smoke rising in the distance…but decides not to investigate.

PrestonStarry receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. He stockpiles the food and continues to obsessively make fortifications for his new base stationed at the HIGH GROUND.

After his run in with B.B. Hood, Wally West would run into some good fortune! Wally receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor!


Claire Redfield, The Boulder, Colonel Radec, and the duo of Walter and Jesse search for other tributes!

GUN MAN receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor! Alright!

Turboman and Torrie Wilson search for resources

Supergirl spears numerous fish with a trident at superhuman speed. Jaws sees this s*** happen and decides to stay the f*** away from that for now


The Xenomorph Queen continues to skulk around in the foliage to ambush some prey…but would find herself ambushed first!

A local monster would leap out at her from the shadows…a bear sized avian of some kind with sharp talons lurched up and clawed frantically at her flesh

…Not exactly the best idea…

Acidic blood sprayed out and splashed on the monster, causing it to shriek in pain! Although injured, the Xenomorph Queen quickly responded to the assault and tackled her assailant! She would proceed to rip it apart!

Even though she had taken some wounds…she at least had dinner!


The EVIL FLYING BRAIIIIIIIIN soared through the air in search of someone to turn into his minion. Hopefully someone more efficient than that detestable pony from last time

Oh yes, the memories had come back to him quite quickly. His mind was clearly superior to these simple fools, so it was no surprise that he would overcome the amnesia swiftly! Last time he was eliminated by sheer misfortune due to a stray arrow. That would not happen this time! Oh no…this time he would find a more suitable servant to carry out his nefarious work. Someone far stronger…

…and THE EVIL FLYING BRAIIIN believes he has just found that lucky someone...

“HA HA HA HA HA!!!!”

With a telepathic cackle the evil brain descended below to his chosen target! The tree’s bellowed from the psychic energy as the future servant turned towards the Brain

“Oh…and what are YOU supposed to be hmm?”

Lex Luthor readjusted his tie as he greeted the giant hovering brain. Luthor didn’t seem flustered in the slightest
XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#56
The brain rumbled as it “spoke”

“FOOL! What I am is your lord and master!”

Luthor chuckled

“Sorry I am my own lord and master…you seem more like some kind of experiment gone awry.”

The Brain pulsed

“Your cheeky opinions do not concern me. You shall become my vassal and help me achieve victory in this Trial or whatever those trio of numb skulls wish to call these things! You should feel honored that a being of such high intellect such as myself chose you to become a minion…

Luthor raised his eyebrow unamused

“Oho really? For someone of such “high intellect” you really are stupid.”

The brain rumbled slightly more erratically

“What was that!?”

Luthor folded his arms confidently

“Nobody tells me what to do! Think you’ve got the grey matter to pull it off? Go ahead, just try it.”

The brain’s laughter echoed in Luthor’s head

“Fool, I am going to enjoy turning you into a mindless drone!”

All at once, a sharp pain pulsed within Luthor’s skull! He fell to his knees at clutched at his head groaning in pain! The laughing echoed within his mind until it sounded like a malicious chorus! Luthor tried to rise to his feet and walk toward the Brain to attack, but his vision became scrambled. He tumbled around feebly as he tried to reach the Brain

The Brain did have to admit that this one was more complex than that feeble equine. The mental barriers were harder to bypass, but in time those would fall! He was utterly helpless

…Yet for some reason, the man started to weakly chuckle. Had he finally snapped?

He rose to his feet and glared stared down the Brain with a tight smile

“What’s wrong…grgh...having trouble there? Maybe you aren’t as…smart as you think…hrgehhe!”

Fed up with Luthor’s taunts, he focused even harder, forcing Luthor down to his knees again! Luthor continued

“Hrgrgghhh!!! Yeah…you really ARE dumb if you think you can beat me!”

The Brain focused even harder! Some blood started to drip from Luthor’s eyes


What on earth was he babbling abo-


The mental laughter turned into a wail of pain.

“GAgrahgrhgajgljgal;ggww wwwaaa-a—a—at!?”

The Brain shrieked in scrambled words as a chainsaw revved through his being! He splatted to the ground and it was then he noticed him…

…He had been so focused on dominating that man that he was taken completely off guard by someone else!

Although fading he could still make out the words of his foe who now stood tall above him!


Indeed, shortly after they were all split, Luthor would encounter and join forces with another of the tributes. One who had particular dislike for the supernatural and malicious…

Luthor with a sudden surge of fury began stomping on the abomination








Luthor gave one more strong kick before recomposing himself.

The Brain, now on death’s door…could only say one more thing

“Who…are y-y-ye—you-uu? ? ?”

Luthor turned back and smiled a devious smile

“I’m Lex f***ing Luthor…and don’t you forget that!”

With those words, The Evil Mutilated Brain finally succumbed and perished. A few moments later it ignited into purple flames and turned to ash!

Speaking of ash, Ash Williams now stood beside Luthor, fresh grey matter now staining his chainsaw.

“Damn, you’re lucky that thing didn’t fry your brain.”

Luthor shook his head
XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#57
“As if I’d allow myself to rendered that abomination’s plaything. It was so easy to manipulate. It was so focused on me that it allowed you to sneak up and kill it. If anything, you are lucky that you joined me earlier and didn’t encounter that thing on your own.”

Ash rolled his eyes, choosing not to start an argument about the ordeal

Luthor readjusted his tie again.

Together the duo had put an end to the Evil Flying Brain’s horror before it could truly begin!


Claptrap rolls along searching for tributes while aiming his firearm around. He thinks he is a total badass. He is not a total badass.

Amara continues to stay hidden in the darkness.

Maximillion Pegasus hums a merry tune and finds a nice open space! Finding this place suitable, he whips out a card called “Temple of the Kings” and a large building appears! As he does so the card in his hand disintegrates into ash. Although it won’t last forever, this structure should get him through the night at the very least! Proud of his handiwork he heads inside as the sun begins to descend!


Stelio Kontos runs into a vacant camp full of supplies. He begins to help himself! However someone else would approach!

“Yo buddy!”

Stelio glances over at the new face. Was this the camp’s owner?

Fred Durst appears wielding an odd looking sword…this could be trouble. Stelio is about to defend himself…

“Can I get in on this!?”

Stelio glanced around the camp, still containing some supplies. Stelio stoically shrugs and lets Fred Durst in on the looting! Food, drink, and other supplies are swiped and split between the two and they make off with the loot!


Some time later, Uncle Chan happens upon this very same camp after sensing some very dark chi in the vicinity. It is now ramshackle and ruined as everything is strewn about. What on earth happened here?
Uncle Chan investigates, wondering if there was some sort of ambush or raid…



Uncle Chan jumps up with a start! He turns and finds a furious looking woman. It didn’t take long to piece together that this camp probably belonged to her

Uncle Chan glanced around the scene, realizing just how things looked

“Okay…I know what you’re thinking…but I had nothing to do with this!”

The woman glared at Uncle

“Sure you didn’t!”

Uncle waved his hand dismissively

“I am telling you, I just got here. I was investigating what happened and-“


Chi-Chi slammed her fist into a nearby tree, leaving a large dent in it! The strength of this woman shocked Uncle Chan


Chi-Chi leaps into the air and soars at the shocked Uncle Chan


The old kung fu master dodge rolls to the side and Chi-Chi’s kick narrowly misses him. Instead she kicks into another tree!

“Hold still!”

Chi-Chi freed her foot and sprinted at the old man, delivering a flurry of punches! Uncle Chan couldn’t allow her to land a good hit or he might be done for. He narrowly deflects her barrage of punches side to side and kicks her away to get some distance!


Chi-Chi leaps forward and does a roundhouse kick! Uncle Chan narrowly ducks and counterattacks with two quick jabs! Relatively unphased the woman continues comboing her moves fluently. She kind of reminded him of Jackie in a way. However, like Jackie, she still had her fair share of exploitable weaknesses in her style.

As Chi-Chi goes for another barrage, but Uncle wouldn’t allow her to get momentum this time. As she delivers her first punch, Uncle pivots his stance and grabs her arm, flipping her over his shoulder and through the air!
XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#58
Chi-Chi tries to recover but botches the landing, instead being forced to roll away to recover! She gets back up and dusts off her clothes

“...You’re pretty good for an old fart…”

How rude of her!

“I may be old, but I can still take you on young lady!”

However…Uncle Chan left his battle stance and raised a hand

“Though I don’t want to fight.”

Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow and lowered her fists slightly

“I am telling you I didn’t do this. I sensed some dark magic around here and found this. I think we are both looking for the same person…”

Chi-Chi stared him down for a few moments but eventually relented. She could probably take him, but something was telling her he was telling the truth. Maybe she overreacted a little…

Chi-Chi folded her arms

“Alright then, so if you “sensed” this guy then you have some way of tracking him right?”

Uncle pulled out a pufferfish which started to glow slightly. Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow in surprise at this. Guess he really wasn’t kidding.”

“I believe I can find him in time.”

Chi-Chi nodded

“Fine, then I am coming with you to find this a******. They aren’t going to get away with this!”

Uncle Chan sighs


Chi-Chi nodded triumphantly

“Good, then its settled! If we are going to be working together I may as well introduce myself. I’m Chi-Chi and-“

Chi-Chi suddenly feels a sharp pain on her forehead as Uncle Chan strikes her

“Owwww! What the hell was that for!?”

Uncle Chan shakes his head and walks passed her

“You may call me Uncle, and you need to learn some self-control.”

Chi-Chi bared her fangs


Uncle Chan ignores her and continues walking along tracking the dark energy.

“HEY! Hold on!”

Chi-Chi catches up to Uncle and they go off in search of the culprit…or culprits…


KCF finds a package within one of the scattered towns. As he claims his loot he notices Hitler nearby and immediately bails on the scene. Fortunately, Hitler doesn’t notice him sneaking off. Once in the clear he opens the package to find some sort of gauntlet with a strange symbol inscribed on it. He decides to wear it and test it out later. Hopefully it did something cool!

Gheb and Abraham Lincoln search for resources

Dr. Doofensmirtz receives some clean water. Well it wasn’t parts, but it was something!


Papyrus takes in the sights as Sans casually walks beside him. Even though this place was supposedly dangerous, Papyrus seemed to be having a grand ol time so far. However, they eventually come upon an area where the greenery began to rot and the air began to stink.

Further ahead Papyrus spots a red haired weirdo laughing maniacally and using some strange power to kill the vegetation. Papyrus wanted to go investigate but Sans seems hesitant. He could immediately tell that guy was dangerous. Sans loved his bro but he could get in over his head sometimes. Best to avoid a fight if possible.

Sans manages to convince Papyrus to abandon his investigation and the two sneak off without attracting the polluting villain’s attention!

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"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#59
Ed was sitting on a stump glaring at nothing in particular. His feet hurt and he had been walking so long…man he was freakin annoyed by all this! How else could things get worse?

. . .


Ed heard something approaching and turned his head to face it…

. . .

Thomas the Tank Engine was so glad that he could help this young lady! She was so polite and he was happy to help her travel!

Oh dear! It appeared that there was some sad fellow sitting all alone! He must be exhausted having to hike through this strange place without some help! Maybe he should offer this guy a ride!

What a great idea thought Thomas!

Thomas the Tank Engine pulled up to the disgruntled young lad with that big ol smile of his!

“Hello there! You look a bit down in the dumps friend! H-“


The boy roared exceptionally loud, Thomas stared at him for a moment with shock! B.B. Hood heard the commotion and prepared herself for a potential fight

Ed glared at the jovial train…

Oh dear, it would appear that he had upset the poor boy! How dreadful thought Thomas! Still, he couldn’t help but try to continue to help the kid out. Better choose his words carefully! Think Thomas think!

“O-oh, sorry. It just looked like you were tired and I thought you’d might want a ride somewhere…I’m actually helping someone else too! She’s quite nice and maybe she could help cheer you up too?”

B.B. Hood facepalmed. Well great, now the stupid train ruined a potential sneak attack…

Ed examined the train with hateful eyes. Miss Hood remained hidden…maybe this weird looking guy would just f*** off?

Ed winced…”Hmph!”

Much to Hood’s dismay, it seemed the guy would be coming aboard.

Ed jumped up into the air and slammed down inside! In response, Thomas' entire being comically folded in on itself for a moment. For that instant, it felt like the heaviest thing in the world had just slammed on to him! What the heck was that about!

Hood recovers and looks at Ed wide eyed. How the hell did he do that!? This guy was dangerous!

Hood tries to reach for a concealed firearm in her basket…


Hood immediately puts on a fake smile and hides the basket behind her back

“N-nice to meet you! Heheh…”

Ed sits down and continues to stare her down.

(“f***ing freak”) Hood thinks to herself

…and so the trio chug away across the land on the most awkward trip ever.

Still, it’s good to make friends! Thomas was happy that things had worked out!




Prince Brandish dislodges his blade from a large wolf life creature. He swipes the blood off the blade and leaves the creature behind!

As if that thing could harm him! It kind of reminded Brandish of that Big Bad Wolf from home. How distasteful…
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"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama
(edited 4 months ago)

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#60
“Man, you sure showed that thing!”

In the blink of an eye, Brandish unsheathed his blade once more and pointed it at the source of the noise! An unfettered Bill Cipher floated in front of the blade’s tip

Bill puts his hand on the sword and lowers it

“Hey woah woah you could poke an eye out with that thing!”

Brandish raised an eyebrow but still held his blade at the ready

“Oh…and what are you?”

Bill tipped his hat!

“Name’s Bill Cipher! You probably noticed me in the crowd from earlier! I KINDA stand out heheh!”

Brandish rolled his eyes

“Ah yes…one of the competition I take it?”

Bill held up a hand

“Hey now, just because we are both competitors doesn’t mean we can’t be pals! Whatcha say about teaming up for a bit hu-“

Brandish didn’t even let the eldritch triangle finish his sentence! He slashed his sword outward with remarkable speed narrowly missing cutting Bill’s eye out as the triangle dashes backward!


Brandish, as cool and confident as ever, took a stance

“Sorry, few are worthy to stand by my side. You also seem quite unsightly so I feel I should just eliminate you myself now. Save others the trouble of being spooked by your visage…”

Bill's eye narrowed as the Prince began to dash forth to drive his blade through the monster

“…Did you just call me UGLY!?”

A sudden wave of energy exploded outward from the triangle, driving Brandish back! He manages to keep his footing, but now stands before a very ticked off Bill. Brandish readies his blade once more!

“Ohohohohohohoho you wanna see ugly buddy?”

Emerald lightning begins to crackle around Bill’s hand! Brandish goes on the defensive awaiting for a potential attack…

Bill struggles to follow through with his move, but after a few more moments and much effort he succeeds! Rather than it being a blast of magical lightning like Brandish expected, a green portal tears open in space!

What on earth was he doing..?


Brandish’s eyes, once calm, bulged open in shock

From the portal a tentacled mass of flesh spilled to the floor…then a hulkish form of eyes and claws…


It didn’t stop there…some more horrible things began to calm out of the portal before it finally fizzled out.

Then some things suddenly began coming back to Brandish.


Memories best left buried.

Memories of insidious indescribable things

Memories of incomprehensible horrors

What was this? Brandish’s heart began to pound faster and faster? Was this fear?

The things took notice of the royal prince…his legs were shaking! Bill seemed pleased by this! He then snapped his fingers!


Brandish, in a panic, swipes the ground with his blade in such a way to kick up a smokescreen of dirt, some of which gets in Bill’s eye and temporarily blinds him


As Bill finishes rubbing his eye, Brandish has already fled a good distance!


The eldritch creatures begin to scurry after the fleeing Prince!


Winnie the Pooh roams around with his new bat. His belly gurgles in hunger

“Oh bother. Oh where may I find a small smackerel of honey?”

After a few moments of pondering, Pooh notices a strange light coming from one of the bushes

“Hmm? What could that be”

The bear waddles over to investigate with his new bat in hand. He peeks his head into the bush and is greeted by a sudden flash of red light!


Pooh tumbles on to his butt and his bat falls to the ground! He rubs his eyes a bit as his vision recovers
XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama
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