B8 Hunger Games XXIV: All-Stars - Penultimate Climax!

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User Info: GTN

4 months ago#31
Shawn Michaels
Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H)
Michael Cole
Michael McGillicutty

big drop there

User Info: Johnbobb

4 months ago#32
I agree GTN we should've kept Triple H in
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
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User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#33
Chapter 1: Nice Hat

As rays of light strike down in various locations, the tributes begin their journey!


PrestonStarry begins making his way to higher ground. He isn’t particularly sure why but he feels that this was the best course of action!

Ed grumpily stomps his way across a field. Wonder what’s bothering him?

Torrie Wilson begins scouting around looking for supplies


In two different locations Lu Bu and Solid Snake look for other tributes for their own reasons. A strange feeling gnaws at them though. Each of them felt they recognized the other. Hmm…were they foes in a previous Game? Perhaps they would cross paths once again?


Turboman looks over himself, slightly confused as to why he was brought here in this getup. He sighs to himself and continues onward as there were no other clothes to change into. Maybe he could find something out there?


Pegasus shuffles his deck with a jovial smile and hums a merry tune

The Xenomorph Queen clicks menacingly and makes her way into the woods

Jaws swims around munching on the local fish


Dr. Doofensmirtz immediately sets off to work in gathering supplies and tools to build a device that will assist him in escaping this place. While scrounging around in some sort of small walled yet vacant town he comes across someone with a weird looking moustache. He kinda looked like someone he recognized from the history books, but that had to be a coincidence right? Anyway it was probably better to take the more friendly approach!

“Hey there buddy! Over here!”

The man turned to the Doctor! Doofensmirtz continued

“Hi there! I’m Doofensmirtz! I see you’ve been scouring around this place and I was wondering if you came across any spare parts or tools! I’m a bit of an inventor…well okay I am an actually a pharmacist, but let’s not get caught up in titles! I have plans to build a device that could get me out of this place! If you help me, I’ll let you come along a-“

The man groaned and glared at the rambling doctor.


Dr. Doofensmirtz stood there puzzled

“Errr….no…its Doofensmirtz!”

The angry looking man went on:

Bist du bei den Juden?
(Are you with the Jews?)

Dr. Doofensmirtz blinked a few times. Although it was slightly off, the man before him spoke a language similar to that of Drusselstein! In any case, it was clear that this fellow wasn’t as friendly as he first thought.

“Bist du bei den Juden!?“
(Are you with the Jews!?)

Dr. Doofensmirtz paused for a moment...finally realizing who this truly was


Hitler took out a gun and aimed it threateningly at Dr. Doofensmirtz

The doctor raised his hands in surrender and gulped. It had been awhile since he spoke his home language but maybe it would help him get out of this mess!

“Oh, nein, mein Herr“
(Oh, no sir!)

Hitler looked at Doofensmirtz with surprise and lowered his gun slightly.

“Du sprichst auch deutsch? Interessant...”
(“You speak German as well? Interesting…”)

Well…it wasn’t German exactly, but if him thinking that would get him to back off, Doofensmirtz wasn’t going to correct him!

Ach ja ja! Ich suchte nach Teilen, die mir helfen könnten, ein Gerät zu bauen, um dieser Welt zu entkommen! Ich habe mich gefragt, ob Sie ... helfen könnten? Sie können damit auch hier entkommen! Jaah ..
(Ah yes yes! I was looking for parts that could help me build a device to escape this world! I was wondering if you could...help? You can use it to escape here too! Yeahh...)
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(edited 4 months ago)

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#34
Hitler continues to look over the goofy fellow. While he didn’t trust him fully, someone who spoke his language may prove a better ally in this world of strange people and monsters.

Hitler nodded, now putting his weapon away.

“Ich habe keine Teile fur dich gefunden. Wenn ich etwas finde, das fur dieses Gerat von Nutzen sein konnte, suche ich dich vielleicht aus.”
(I have not found parts for you. If I find anything that may be useful for this device of yours I may seek you out.)

Doofensmirtz nodded

Aha danke
(Aha thanks)

With that Dr. Doofensmirtz avoids a fatal encounter with Hitler. As he makes his way back out into the fields he wipes his brow.

“Man that was close...better get FAAAAR away from here then!"

Dr. Doofensmirtz bails!


The man who went by the username KCF sits on a stump carving himself a weapon. He wonders why the heck he of all people was brought here into a survival game with these characters!? Characters that were apparently f***ing real! He was just some average guy who browsed gaming message boards once in awhile. What made him so special to be brought here?

Either he was more of a survivor than he thought he was, or someone seriously wanted to f*** him over!

Regardless, he was stuck here now so it was best to try to...well..not die!

KCF blows the dust remnants off the newly crafted spear tip and raises it up. He begins searching from some body of water in the hopes of spearing some fish or something else to eat!


Chi-Chi finds an abandoned backpack in the woods. Unfortunately for her it was empty!

The Boulder scouts the area looking for people

Captain Pollution soars away from his spot and towards the forest! Some foliage begins to wither and die as he passes by!

Prince Brandish confidently heads off into the unknown, unafraid of any dangers that may lie in wait. As if any of this rabble could actually hurt him let alone slay him!


Deadpool wanders away from his drop off zone

"What, no cool encounter for me yet? Lame!"


Old Man Willow waits stoically somewhere in the world

Jesus Christ calmly begins travelling around to find potential allies!

The Evil Flying Brain soars away from his spot, plotting nefarious schemes to inflict on the competition! MWHAHAHAHA!


Claptrap rolls around on his wheel humming to himself!

“Ooo what’s that!”

Hidden behind a nearby rock formation, Claptrap finds a lone chest!

Ohoho neat! Come on baby show me some Eridium!”

After haphazardly prying the chest open, Claptrap looks inside

“Ooohhhh yeah!”

Claptrap reaches inside and pulls out some grenades of varying appearances as well as a small firearm

“Sweet! Just like the Vault Hunters back home!”

Claptrap crams the explosives and the firearm into his chest compartment and rolls off. Surely this was a safe and smart thing to do!

XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama
(edited 4 months ago)

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#35
Abraham Lincoln heads into a dim and dusty house. It seemed to be vacant but Lincoln held his trusty axe at the ready. Who knows what laid in wait in this strange world...

Navigating through, Lincoln comes upon the parlor. A single torn chair sits next to a fire place. Nearby there was a filled bookshelf!


Lincoln walked toward the bookshelf and took out a book at random. It was thick but obviously very old as he couldn’t make out the title. He opens it up and to his surprise he finds a silver pistol hidden inside a hidden compartment from the pages!

“Well aren’t you a lucky dog huh!?“

Lincoln immediately spun around and readied his axe...but nobody was there! Just that chair a-


The fireplace suddenly sprang to life and a brief inferno surged from it, illuminating the room! Someone then began humming! Lincoln looked around, still raising his axe

"Who goes there? Show yourself!"

A voice responded

"Hey buddy, no need to get all testy!"

Lincoln stared at the back of the once vacant chair and saw a small triangle shaped figure slowly hover up into the air into view. Lincoln looked on in confusion as the strange shape spoke again

"Nice hat!"

Bill Cipher pointed at Lincoln’s signature tophat and winked at him...or blinked at him...Lincoln couldn't really tell.

“Who...what are you”

Bill Cipher chuckled to himself

"Name’s Bill Cipher, just your run of the mill extradimensional entitity of pure energy!"

Lincoln blinked vacantly

"aaaand youuuur Abraham Lincoln right? The guy on the five dollar bill? That or a really good cosplayer..."

Lincoln was utterly confused! Despite this, Bill continued speaking

“Anywaaaay, I just happened to be in the neighborhood and was looking for a mini- I mean partner to join me in winning this little game those three shmoes got going. I’d go it alone usually but...something about this place is hindering my powers...“

Powers? What powers?

Bill went on

"So what do you say Abe!? Lets join forces! We can be Hat Buddies!"

Bill wrapped his arm around Lincoln’s neck and pulled his head in, taking a selfie with the two of them together!

Lincoln lurches away and stares Bill down.

“...No...sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable allying with you."

Bill blinks a few times

“It’s because I’m a triangle isn’t it? You shapist jerk!"

Bill raises a hand and one of the books from the shelf behind Lincoln flies off and smacks him in the back of the head, knocking his hat off!

“Going against me isn’t the smartest idea buddy. I implore you to reconsider..."

Lincoln readied his axe, shocked at what just occurred

“Dark magic...you’re a demon!“

Bill rolled his eye


A larger inferno roared from the fireplace behind Bill’s form!


Bill begins to cackle as flame begin to splash against the walls of the room, and various books begin flying off the shelf launching at Lincoln!

Not wanting to be taken off guard again, Lincoln uses his axe to expertly strike down the incoming swarm of books, defending himself from the assault!

“Ya made a grave mistake there buddy! Have fun with this mess then!“

Bill cackles and poofs away! As he does so the door to the room slams shut as the fire continues to roar and set everything ablaze!
XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama
(edited 4 months ago)

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#36

Lincoln grabs his hat and rushes to the door and tries to throw it open but to no luck! He coughs furiously as the flames grow stronger!

In a last ditch effort he strikes the magically shut door with his axe! He manages to smash the door down and escape the house as burns down to the ground!

Lincoln dusts himself and his hat off and looks back at the burning building. Now that he knew some evil supernatural things were competing against him, he would have to be ready to face them!


Claire Redfield and GUN MAN come across a crate of supplies. After a brief standoff they decide to split the contents and go their separate ways!

Mad Mod looks for food

Uncle Chan looks for materials

Morgan Freeman pretends to fly and “flies“ across the grasslands while making bison noises. WOOOOOSH!

Carl and Russel stick together to look for supplies. Other teams seem to also have this idea as the duos of Walter and Jesse as well as Papyrus and Sans do the same elsewhere!

Lex Luthor finds a bag full of explosives! Excellent! He smiles to himself as he puts them away!


Gheb searches for some water

Supergirl soars off and scans the landscape. She wonders if she saw Lex Luthor among the crowd from earlier.

Stelio Kontos finds a large chest containing food, camp supplies, and a stereo for some reason. Stelio nods and claims the loot!

HIM becomes a cloud of crimson smoke and heads out into the land

Ash Williams hunts in the woods

Amara hides in dark shadows, trying to keep her presence hidden for the time being.


Winnie the Pooh climbs a tree to fetch some honey!

“Almost…got it”

As Pooh reaches to claim the tasty yet guarded treat, he slips and falls out of the tree, landing in some bushes below!

“Oh bother…”

Pooh rubs his backside and then notices a box near him


The silly old bear waddles to it and after a few moments in inspection, decides to open it!

Inside the box was some sort of bat! As Pooh hefted it up, he felt a strange sense of nostalgia…

Pooh shrugs and decides to take it with him!


Fred Durst decides to try and take a nap! Y’know because taking a nap is the first thing one would do after being thrown into another world filled with all manner of dangers!

However, as he tries to catch some Z’s...strange whispers begin to fill his head


Fred Durst gets off his back and rubs his eyes. A small glint of light catches his eye from the forest nearby.

Fred goes to check it out and discovers a peculiar looking sword…with an unnerving eye designed into the hilt. At least he thought it was some edgy design anyway! Before he could think better of it, he found himself already reaching out to claim it!

His hand grasped the sword and he lifted out of the earth. Crimson crackles of lightning sparked for a moment…at least he thought he saw that. Maybe it was just a trick of the light or something. Yeah, that had to be it.

Fred Durst seemed to really covet this new weapon and took it with him. Hey, it’s a survival game right? Having a weapon seems like a good idea in case some nutcase tries to come along and attack you. Yep, having this eerie looking sword was a good idea in his book.

XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#37
Maria comes across a crate full of various supplies. Seems she was to a good start!

“Don’t move…”

Okay maybe not.

Maria nervously turns her head to the side to see who is addressing her. Colonel Mael Radec stood behind her. Where the hell did this guy from? She didn’t even notice him approach!

“Up against that wall…go on…”

Maria gulped and did as she was told. She tried to speak to Radec, maybe they could come to a peaceful solution here

“W-we could split that yknow? Work together? I could help you out a-"

Radec shook his head

“Not interested.”

Maria was kind of dejected by that swift response.

“O-okay…just…just don’t kill me…”

Radec examined the contents of the crate while keeping an eye on his captive. After finishing his inspection, he calmly approached Maria.

It was clear that this woman wasn’t a fighter, at least from what Radec could discern. She wasn’t really worthy of killing at the moment and she complied with his orders.

So for that…


Radec whacks Maria on the back of the head, knocking her out cold!

Radec claims the spoils and leave the unconscious Maria alone. If someone else happened upon her that was her problem.


Colin travels through a desert like area wondering how he ended up getting involved in this mess. He took off his hat for a moment to wipe his brow when he notices something up ahead

“Huh? What’s that?”

Colin readjusts his hat and squints his eyes


Someone, or something seemed to be running toward him! Not wanting to take any chances he reached for his firearm

“H-hold on there! F-freeze!”

The figure paid him no mind and continued rushing at him

As it came closer its features became clearer…well sort of…

It seemed to be sort of…blocky?

Colin’s mouth went agape a moment as his eyes were drawn downward

“Wait…is that-“

Having been momentarily distracted by the member of the blocky George Custer, he allows him to get to close

Colin gasps and begins firing, but his aim proves to be less than true as Custer dodges the bullets!
Before Colin realizes what is happening, Custer is upon him and stabs him with the edge of a blocky looking “knife” which for some reason pierces his flesh just as easily!

Colin coughs and falls to his knees. Custer stabs him a few more times for good measure and Colin falls to the ground.

“Is this it…I…lost already?”

As blood continues to pool around him and his vision fades to black, the last thing Colin sees is George Custer dancing around with his…lower member flailing about

Not exactly the most noble of defeats…

XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#38
Wally West discovers what looks like a picnic basket on top of a simple blanket. How convenient!

As Wally approaches, wary that it was some sort of trap, a voice speaks out.

“Hello mister!”

Wally looks over to find girl that looked like she came out of some fairy tale. Wally just raises an eyebrow
“Let me guess, Little Red Riding Hood?”

The girl giggled

“Oh no, my name is Bonnie! Though I do get that a lot! That’s actually my basket you were going for and I was setting up for a picnic! Would you like to join me? I’d be happy to share!”

Not wanting to turn down the proposition for free food, Wally nodded and sat down!

B.B. Hood knelt down and reached into her basket

“Let’s see, we got turkey sandwiches, some apples…”

Suddenly B.B. Hood lurched up and pulled out an uzi


B.B. Hood unloaded a barrage of gunfire in front of her…

…but is shocked to find that the young red haired man disappeared!

“Hey, what the-“

B.B. Hood feels a tap on her shoulder!

As she turns around, she is greeted with a speedy punch in the face, sending her flying off her feet! She collapses to the ground momentarily knocked out with a bloody nose

Wally shakes his head

“Jeez just what kind of freaks were brought here?”

Wally’s stomach growls in hunger

“Ah man…was really hoping it wasn’t a trap.”

Wally sighs and speeds away…but not before he did something else first…

Some time passes before B.B. Hood’s slowly awakens


B.B. Hood finds herself comically wrapped up and restrained by the picnic towel. That little smartass thought to tie her up!


B.B Hood tries to hop to her basket of firearms but falls face first! She tries to force herself free, struggling and biting…

...Then she heard something approaching...

. . .
XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama
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User Info: Pirateking2000

4 months ago#39

(“Oh, what the hell is this now!?”) Hood thought to herself while continuing to try and break free

. . .

Thomas the Tank Engine was happily chugging along enjoying the new sights! Thomas didn’t really recall, but apparently he was brought to a place like this before! At least according to those fellows from before!

Thomas was still getting used to his newly found train track placing ability that allowed him to get around. He was able to place them around in certain patterns across certain distances before he had to apply more! With this he could travel around anywhere he chose!

How delightfully helpful thought Thomas!


Thomas the Tank Engine then heard that muffled screams of someone up ahead. It appeared to be a small girl tied up! Was this some sort of dastardly trap set up by some old cartoon villain to get a sweet girl run over by a train!?

How awful, thought Thomas! He would simply have no part in that!

Thomas the Tank Engine screeched to a halt before B.B. Hood

Thomas the Tank Engine greeted the restrained girl and asked her if she needed help but was only met with muffled yells.

Well this was a pickle thought Thomas

Before he could continue questioning her, B.B. Hood flared with fury and managed to tear apart her restraints with her teeth and brute strength


Well this was a wonderful turn of events, she managed to free herself! Thomas smiled jovially at her with that big ol grin of his…while she nervously backed up.

When a weird magic train is up close like this…it probably wasn’t the best idea to piss it off. B.B. Hood took a breath and dusted herself off

“Are you okay” asked Thomas!

B.B. Hood gave a fake smile

“Ohh…y-yeah! A mean old guy in a yellow suit tied me up and left me to my fate! T-thank goodness you’re came along and are uh…a friendly…train…person?”

Well Thomas was certainly glad that everything had turned out alright in the end! Since he was already here and this girl was obviously distressed, it would be gentlemanly to offer her a ride!

“Would you like a ride?” asked Thomas

B.B. Hood looked around nervously and weighed her options…after a few moments she figured “What the hell?” and decided to go for it. Better to be on a moving train…could potentially be useful for drivebys too!”

“O-ohh of course! Why thank you mister!”

B.B. Hood retrieves her basket full of various firearms and hops on board!

With one more CHOO-CHOO, Thomas the Tank Engine materializes another set of tracks much to Hood’s shock and starts heading off to a new location!

Hood sat down bewildered and rubbed her head, she spoke quietly to herself so the dopey train wouldn’t hear…

“Sigh…what the hell did I get myself involved with?”


XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama
(edited 4 months ago)

User Info: Johnbobb

4 months ago#40
oh no Snake and Lu Bu don't remember each other! or do they?

Winnie has the bat and Durst has Soul Edge!

and BB Hood + Thomas is a great pairing
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
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