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User Info: MariaTaylor

7 months ago#41
kph and ed definitely met in real life
~* Why can't anyone else see the walls? ~*

User Info: Nelson_Mandela

7 months ago#42
Eddv's history topics can make anyone wet tbh
"A more mature answer than I expected."~ Jakyl25
"Sephy's point is right."~ Inviso

User Info: banananor

7 months ago#43
this is cool

You did indeed stab me in the back. However, you are only level one, whilst I am level 50. That means I should remain uninjured.

User Info: GenesisSaga

7 months ago#44
Thank you for the congratulations and well-wishes everybody
"You're stronger than you believe. Don't let your fear own you. Own yourself." - Michelle Hodkin

User Info: WhiteLens

7 months ago#45
Eddv and kph already knew each other in real life, long before kph made a GameFAQs account.

This is a literal first for Board 8, of two people from this board having met in real life, and then getting married.

Nonetheless, congratulations to both of you! |
Kashikoi Kawaii BK_Sheikah won guru! Harasho!

User Info: Hardcore_Adult

7 months ago#46
Go Charon and Genny!
I'll get back up for good this time and I ain't comin' down...
(edited 7 months ago)

User Info: INCEPTlON

7 months ago#47
Wow, that is absolutely wonderful. Gen has always been on of the users on the board who has been extremely kind to me and I am so happy to hear of this wonderful turn of events :).
Heck em

User Info: Ringworm

7 months ago#48
Congrats to you both.
~ Ringworm ~
Congrats to BKSheikah - Guru champion - Best Year in Gaming

User Info: Shonen_Bat

7 months ago#49
Glaze on the layers of the atmosphere, white stardust sprinkles on a fine parfait.
I'll take your hand and you can take me here, up to the Satellite Cafe.

User Info: red13n

7 months ago#50
7:45, Fantasmic. Make sure you see it. Best entertainment Disney has to offer. It shouldn't be raining yet.

Also grats.
"First thing that crosses my mind: I didn't get any GameFAQs Karma yesterday." Math Murderer after getting his appendix removed.
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