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User Info: Raka_Putra

7 months ago#161
Oh. My. Goodness.
I didn't even know! I had no idea!
This is so wonderful, congratulations guys. You two are a cute couple. B8 and Disney (and zoos), best things to bond with. So genuinely excited.
Fuhlt nicht durch dich Sarastro Todesschmerzen,
So bist du meine Tochter nimmermehr-- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehr.

User Info: WiggumFan267

7 months ago#162
Just saw this. Congrats friends!

Korayashi posted...
So many couples! I wonder who the next one will be? I hope it's me and Wigs <3


~Wigs~ Dp Guru Wins over Me: 1, Fantasy Baseball Wins over Dp: 3

User Info: StifledSilence

7 months ago#163
Sooooo what you guys are telling me and Paul with that bear pic wanna join the Bear Bros?! =)

Congrats again to you both!
Bear Bro
The Empire of Silence
honestly this owns

I have no idea why I'm on this site still.

User Info: GenesisSaga

7 months ago#165
I feel the warmth coming from this topic and it brightens my every day. Thanks guys.
"You're stronger than you believe. Don't let your fear own you. Own yourself." - Michelle Hodkin

User Info: kenrmcha

7 months ago#166
Congrats guys! Happy for you both.

*disappears for another 3 months*

User Info: GTM

7 months ago#167
smiling sun emoji
GTM - Boko United
survivor and dillos and nintendo and wrestling

User Info: MariaTaylor

7 months ago#168
~* Why can't anyone else see the walls? ~*

User Info: Nelson_Mandela

7 months ago#169
why is he wearing jnco jeans in that drawing
"A more mature answer than I expected."~ Jakyl25
"Sephy's point is right."~ Inviso

User Info: MariaTaylor

7 months ago#170
because I'm not good at drawing
~* Why can't anyone else see the walls? ~*
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