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User Info: Naye745

9 months ago#141
this is adorable and wonderful

congrats y'all :) :) :)
it's an underwater adventure ride

User Info: ChaosTonyV4

9 months ago#142
Phantom Dust.
"I'll just wait for time to prove me right again." - Vlado

User Info: CaptainOfCrush

9 months ago#143
Awesome pics! The Disney trip looks like it was a blast.

It's cool that you guys got pics with Tiana - she's my gf's favorite. She's one of only two characters I've ever gotten pics with. =)

User Info: The_Ctes

9 months ago#144
This topic makes me super happy.
Ctesjbuvf posting on his phone.

User Info: BlackDra90n

9 months ago#145
Awesome pictures, congrats!

Also Georgia Aquarium is the best.

User Info: neonreaper

9 months ago#146
Donny: Are they gonna hurt us, Walter?
Walter: No, Donny. These men are cowards.
Congrats guys!
"I thought you were making up diseases? That's spontaneous dental hydroplosion."

User Info: MegamanX

9 months ago#148
Wow grats!!!!

User Info: barreldragon88

9 months ago#149
Thanks for the pics. It's always nice to see what b8ers look like. Glad you guys had a great time. Happy marriage!

I also thought this topic was going to be something about charon leaving the board before I clicked on it
Long live Saint Seiya!!

User Info: GenesisSaga

9 months ago#150
Natwaf_akidna posted...
Congratulations you guys, may you both have long, happy, and fulfilling lives together

Also I had no ****ing idea you guys were together

I guess you'll have to update those shipping charts, eh?

Ooh I really hope @Natwaf_akidna is the right guy I'm thinking of...
"You're stronger than you believe. Don't let your fear own you. Own yourself." - Michelle Hodkin
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