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I'm happy for you two, congratulations! <3

User Info: Maniac64

9 months ago#132
So my wife and I went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday and saw a proposal.

I wonder how common this is. ~Drak
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User Info: banananor

9 months ago#133
2.4 million visitors / year, you better believe it
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User Info: Whiskey_Nick

9 months ago#134
I am Nick. Go Sens, Bills, Blue Jays!
azuarc posted...
Any pics of the happy couple?

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User Info: Esuriat

9 months ago#136
Congratulations to you both!

User Info: v_charon

9 months ago#137
Alrighty, we've returned with some pictures now!

Our adventure of course started at the Georgia Aquarium. I have a video of the proposal as I said, but here are a few images that were captured by the photography team at Magic Memories:

For context purposes, how it went was there was a staged behind the scenes tour, of which we were the only guests. During this 45 minute-ish tour, the divers got in place in the tank and after the tour we were released into the main viewing area of the aquarium's largest tank and sat through the usual dive show Q&A. Following that, we played a set-up game of trivia in which we were preset to be chosen. The aquarium probably does receive a lot of proposals for the record. When I contacted them they came ready with a PDF file full of choices. This is probably the most popular sort of set-up I think; it gives you a great big audience and has the most natural feel I think. Our tour guide Benjamina was nice enough to pretend to want to watch the show so she could actually record the entire thing on my phone.

From there we had a nice dinner and went off to Disneyland the following morning. Bright and sunny SoCal was... wet 2/3 days. Especially day 2. We still had a lot of fun, and surprisingly we probably agree the second day was the best one. (Thinking of you @StifledSilence and @Great_Paul)

Work work work:

Here are some other Disney characters. @JONALEON1 would probably have liked to get the shot with them, but since neither of us have a huge connection to them that wasn't a must for us. Still, we saw them!

On Saturday we visited the San Diego Zoo. Whenever we take a trip we almost always visit the major zoo in the area. We love zoos and this one was great. It's so huge though, and with so many animal species it was impossible to see all in one trip.

Thanks again for the well wishes friends. Thanks to @SBAllen and the GameFAQs team for keeping this site going all these years. We wouldn't be here without you.
Truly smilin'

User Info: CherryCokes

9 months ago#138
your photographer is a dumbass

flash in an aquarium, you're lucky you got any decent photos

every goddamn surface is glass

that being said: it seems like a delightful proposal and you two seem super happy
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User Info: Korayashi

9 months ago#139
So many couples! I wonder who the next one will be? I hope it's me and Wigs <3

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User Info: GTM

9 months ago#140
omg this is too adorable
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