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User Info: v_charon

9 months ago#121
Oh wow.

Still in Cali but once we're back home I'll deliver some things.
Truly smilin'
Congrats to both of you!

User Info: GTM

9 months ago#123
super jelly btw to the both of you
GTM - Boko United
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User Info: bryans7

9 months ago#124

User Info: MikeTavish

9 months ago#125
Formerly ff6man.

User Info: Azp2k32

9 months ago#126
Grats, especially on receiving the blessing of a GameFAQs Admin!

User Info: profDEADPOOL

9 months ago#127
profDEADPOOL posted with GameRaven
"Goddamnit you look so lovely, but you sound, you sound, you sound so ugly."

User Info: MZero11

9 months ago#128
Wow! Congratulations guys!!

I am assuming Tidus played some role in this relationship and will not be told otherwise. Anyway, it's great to see two individuals with such exquisite taste getting married. I can only hope I'm lucky enough to find a Tidus fan to spend my life with. I'm very happy for you guys, and I wish you all the luck and happiness and awesome FFX replays in your lives!
MZero, to the extreme
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User Info: azuarc

9 months ago#129
I'm fairly clueless outside my niche within the board. Haven't seen either of you post in quite a while, and I have no idea who knows who IRL. About the only part of this I knew was that Genny was one of the few girls on the board.

Any pics of the happy couple?
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User Info: MrTomFoolery

9 months ago#130
Congrats to the both of you! That is so awesome!
Formerly Procrastinater aka Crasty
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