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User Info: GTN

6 months ago#61
i want a lady corrin ;(

User Info: GTN

6 months ago#62
Jakyl25 posted...
My only caveat would be very specific hypothetical medevac circumstances. Like say Mike Holloway wins the final immunity, but before that night's Final 4 Tribal Council he gets medevac'd for some reason

he didn't play the best game that season if he decided to go and trip on some rock

User Info: GTN

6 months ago#63
then lets fill up this topic to 500

User Info: GTN

6 months ago#64
jenna looks like someone but I cant put my finger on it

User Info: tcaz2

6 months ago#65
Unrelated just to bump, me playing the leaked Zero beta patch because I'm impatient realized the devs reversed the radial command menu in battle between Zero (and presumable Ao) and Cold Steel.

I kept muscle memory-ing the craft and arte menus from CS and opening the wrong one and was like "what the heck is going on why do I keep opening the wrong menus"


I wonder if the devs did that just to troll the players lmao

User Info: GTN

6 months ago#66
Brett Clouser
Dave Ball

Alina Wilson

User Info: GTN

6 months ago#67


User Info: GTN

6 months ago#68
SFF one way doesn't work so you extreme it the other way, eh?



User Info: GTN

6 months ago#69
Does she have a gamefaqs account yet

User Info: GTN

6 months ago#70
started with serious noms, then got lazy and just listed 40 wrestlers that came to my head (replacing a few when I remembered some after)

1. Drew Mcintyre
2. Sheamus
3. Daniel Bryan
4. Ryan Braddock
5. Scotty Goldman
6. CM Punk
7. Chris Jericho
8. Mordecai
9. Kenzo Suzuki
10. Rene Dupree
11. Sylvain Grenier
12. Rob Conway
13. Tyler Reks
14. Curt Hawkins
15. Zack Ryder
16. Yoshi Tatsu
17. Ezekiel Jackson
18. William Regal
19. Muhammad Hassan
20. Jillian Hall
21. Melina
22. Mickie James
23. Matt Hardy
24. Justin Gabriel
25. Heath Slater
26. Lance Cade
27. Akio
28. THE Brian Kendrick
29. Kenny
30. Nicky/Dolph Ziggler
31. Mikey
32. Cody Rhodes
33. Christian
34. Edge
35. Ted Dibiase Jr
36. Hunico
37. Mason Ryan
38. Vladimir Kozlov
39. Deuce
40. The Shockmaster

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