Overwatch: Lunar New Year event live now, ends on March 6th.

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User Info: digiiiiiiiii

2 weeks ago#11

roadhog's emote

look at it

User Info: swordz9

2 weeks ago#12
iiicon posted...
oh dang, no new Tracer skin. she has so few...

It’s been like 9 months since her last skin! It’s doubtful she will get a new one for Uprising because that one is already her origin skin so it might be until the 2nd anniversary before she gets another one!

They just don’t balance these things at all so we see stuff like 2-3 characters get multiple legendary skins in a row and others go ages without any new skins at all

User Info: KommunistKoala

2 weeks ago#13
Winston got Yeti, and they realized they'd never do better
does anyone even read this

User Info: Weakupedia

2 weeks ago#14
Grand Kirby posted...
Mercy's is terrible.

um what

it's one of the best

User Info: swordz9

2 weeks ago#15
Yeti is great, but Winston’s lack of skins is really really bad. 2 in almost 2 years is terrible when some characters have gotten like 4-5 times that. In fact aside from Moira who is “too new to get skins” I think the only character with fewer event skins than Winston is Doomfist.

User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
2 weeks ago#16
Also, ctf still sucks
Okay, I rolled a 14. What's that mean? Hsu
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(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: swordz9

2 weeks ago#17
Grand Kirby posted...
Also, ctf still sucks

I imagine it’s even worse now that several characters drop the flag using their abilities making it pointless to capture the flag at all with those characters

User Info: Punnyz

2 weeks ago#18
I backfilled a ctf and we were losing by 5 points

every game I've ever been in is decided by 1

I wonder what the f*** happened

User Info: Johnbobb

2 weeks ago#19
I like Capture the Flag, and I got excited when I saw competitive, but that changes kind of suck

Reinhardt used to be awesome for it, because his shield could block turrets and he could charge away after

Now there's no reason to use him for it
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
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User Info: swordz9

2 weeks ago#20
On the subject of Winston I can’t believe he hasn’t gotten a skin with sunglasses yet. If D.Va wasn’t already the cop skin I’d say Officer Winston with sunglasses would’ve been an amazing Halloween skin
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