Fire Emblem Heroes Discussion Topic Part 14: Happy 1-Year Anniversary!

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User Info: greengravy294

3 weeks ago#11
well at least it isnt a 4th camilla or something

i'd have much preferred a 3rd eirika.......................................but of course she got a second just a few days ago, which SURELY cost her the victory

User Info: greengravy294

3 weeks ago#12
aw yeah moulder finished in 422nd place

by the time cyl 100 happens, surely, it will be his time to wield gleipnir

User Info: fedorafreak

3 weeks ago#13
I'd take Brave Veronica over Brave Camilla, but I'm not really happy with either. Sucks that Marth got robbed, but Hector and Ephraim are good boys.

Here's some fun stuff:

--"Brigand Boss" from Echoes got #212.
--Glade went from the lowest ranked character to the 7th highest Thracia character. If they made a banner of the top 4 Thracia characters not in the game, Glade would just barely miss it. (For the record, the banner would be Leif, Finn, Mareeta, and Nanna...all pretty important characters).
--Beast characters did well in general. Tibarn, Ranulf, Lethe, Panne, Selkie, Keaton, Kaden, and Veloria all made it in the top 100.
--Antagonists that aren't in the game that ranked in the top 100 are Ishtar, Aversa, and Grima.
--If you combine all of the Annas together, she would be ranked #20. Also, interestingly, Awakening Anna ranked higher than Heroes Anna.
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(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Lopen

3 weeks ago#14
To reply to Gravy

Honestly with Marisa I kinda like her base kit well enough so I'm probably just gonna leave it as is and just add a useful but easily obtained B skill like Swordbreaker. +SPD on Wo Dao+ as KP said. I think +SPD is always superior to +ATK on the Wo Dao unless you're in a dead zone for the SPD stat hitting the breakpoints on anyone (low 30s). Probably generally have the Panic Ploy 3 seal on her to put her high HP to use. Moonbow seems like the move of choice with her standard skillset.

Now if I was going nuts, I might go with something a bit more silly.

Wo Dao+

Distant Counter
Infantry Pulse

Distant Def 3 Seal

But I think if I give that build to anyone it'd be Selena anyway (obviously a different C skill since her HP is junk-- maybe just go with the standard Threaten Spd 3). Has slightly more synergy with her base stat spread. I do think Bonfire > Luna for Marisa though since it'll always give +15 minimum, more with buffs, which is going to beat 50% of the target's defense most of the time and I do think if you've got charge time accelerators like Wrath or Steady Breath you'd rather use a 3 charge time special.

But yeah I don't think she needs a ton of creativity cause her base skillset plays to her strengths really well. Maybe once they add more easily obtained desirable A and B skills there will be more decisions to make. Might consider Life and Death 3 since she can run it and still not be a glass cannon and I drew a 4* Sothe to burn yesterday, which would then have me probably skip on Swordbreaker, but I don't know if it's worth.

My Tharja still doesn't have Life & Death, either.
No problem!
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User Info: MrSmartGuy

3 weeks ago#15
Oh, speaking of, I don't think I posted my ballot on the board.

f***ed up Day 3 but it didn't matter because there were only 5 versions to vote for, for some reason.
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User Info: greengravy294

3 weeks ago#16
thanks for the input pal lopen

I'll go with wo dao + spd enhancement! surely everyone isnt wrong.

User Info: Lopen

3 weeks ago#17
I think +3 SPD vs +2 Attack is better in the general case unless you're in that SPD dead zone

Doubly so for the Wo Dao though since you want your special to proc more to get more +10s.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!

User Info: Grimmer

3 weeks ago#18
I'd take a fourth Camilla over Veronica. Pretty much any FEH characters would have been better than that. Still looking forward to the other winners.
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User Info: KamikazePotato

3 weeks ago#19
Veronica sucks but Camilla losing is worth it
Black Turtle did a pretty good job.

User Info: Xuxon

3 weeks ago#20
i'd take literally anyone over Veronica. that may as well be a 3-character banner to me.
Grats to BKSheikah, a guru ahead of his time.
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