Monster Hunter General Topic : A Whole New World

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User Info: TVontheRadio

1 month ago#31
yo we need to make a squad for b8 to make it easier for everyone to hop in and help each other out!
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User Info: ninkendo

1 month ago#32
yeah I'd be down with that

I was already banned from the b8 discord squad because they think I only play games for trophies and not for fun

User Info: GANON1025

1 month ago#33
I'm starting to really like the Gunlance. It's pretty versatile, it can hit different parts easily and the new Wyrmstake Shot is fun to use.

User Info: Radix

1 month ago#34
f***ing love the slinger. shooting vespoids in their dumb faces is so good after years of their bulls***
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User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
1 month ago#35
I responded to an SOS and saw the players getting attacked by the T-rex thing again. One of them almost was killed in one hit by it, and it was chasing them all, so I fired some slinger shots at it to get its attention. It worked, it started chasing me instead, so while everyone else could heal and focus on the target, I was running for my life in the jungle with dinosaur hot on my ass.

I hope they appreciated it.
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User Info: JackMan

1 month ago#36
Tried to catch an Anjanath today. Jumped the gun on trappping it and ran out of tranq bombs, then couldn't kill it before it ran away.

Got his tail though, so... there's that.
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User Info: TVontheRadio

1 month ago#37
Putting down my PSN here for anyone who wants to squad up!


Coral Highlands now. What an eerily beautiful place. Killed an albino bat baby too!
all you need

User Info: Uglyface2

1 month ago#38
I feel so insecure playing this. In the older games, I had somewhere to go and think about all of the stuff in my collection, and to make decisions on what to create. This early game, though, it's just pushing you all of the time.

User Info: ChaosTonyV4

1 month ago#39
Finally felt good enough to play, did the first three missions.

Using the Insect Glaive I'm having a ton of fun, even though I mostly don't know what I'm really doing.
Phantom Dust.
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User Info: KommunistKoala

1 month ago#40
mounting barroth and doing the elemental discharge hype as hell
does anyone even read this
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