Monster Hunter General Topic : A Whole New World

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User Info: AquaArcane

1 month ago#21
I've never played Monster Hunter but it seems like something I might enjoy, swinging big weapons at giant creatures is something I can get down with

Although it also seems there's a lot more to it and I don't know if I have the patience for it yet
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(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: GANON1025

1 month ago#22
So far I've moved between Switch Axe, Gunlance and Dual Blades. I might try more of the ranged weapons, I've never gave them too much of a shot before.

User Info: OliviaTremor

1 month ago#23
Is it actually possible to raise multiple weapons. I've only played 4U, but a lot of 4U, and that's not really the case. Maybe like two weapons but yeah.

User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
1 month ago#24
f***ing lol. I was doing the mission where that giant Tyrannosaur-thing appears as an alternate monster, and sent the SOS flare while keeping my distance from it. When other players joined, I saw them heading towards the target, but it was so close to the T-rex at the time, and I couldn't warn them. I was running to join them to at least help and saw they were fighting the target when the T-rex showed up and roared at like 100 decibels. I saw them put their weapons away and run past me as fast as they could. You could almost hear the Benny Hill music.

I've been trying out different weapons, but I don't really like most of them. They're too slow. So I'm sticking with the Katana. I've already upgraded it a decent amount, and I'm getting the hang of using it. I'm generally playing bullfights with monsters to use the counter > spirit slash final hit to build up my gauge asap. It's tense, and it sucks when I get hit since it's kind of tricky, but once I get it right, using the Helm Spitter and going HAM on monsters is pretty satisfying.
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User Info: JackMan

1 month ago#25
Played for about seven hours today. This game is not multiplayer friendly if you're trying to play with friends. Like, it's so unnecessarily obtuse as to how to do some things, like joining an expedition and the whole thing with story cutscenes is just f***ing stupid.

Still, when we actually could MonHun together, it was super fun. Rocking the Switch Axe at the moment. Getting a full charge grapple on a large monster and unleashing a full blast of electricity into its dumb monster face is the best.

And the character creator is great. Look at this smug prick, I love him.
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User Info: ChaosTonyV4

1 month ago#26
My gameshare person bought this game, so I guess I have it.

I'm too sick to play it, though.
Phantom Dust.
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User Info: iiicon

1 month ago#27
I was playing with TV when he witnessed his first turf war, and let's just say he lost his s***.
Well! There it is!

User Info: Uglyface2

1 month ago#28
I've finished the first mission. The sudden inclusion of the rest of the world in my village has me concerned. I wanted to wait until I got a few things done and had a better feel for the switch axe (I've never used it in earlier games and I figured this would be as good a time as any to start).

It feels like Monster Hunter, but not. Maybe once I've played it for a few more hours?

User Info: DeepsPraw

1 month ago#29
yeah, the online system is bizarre.

The gathering hall worked so well in past games. Join up with 3 other players, then take turns doing quests.

Now, you've got 15 people all doing their own thing. You're lucky if people even join your quest
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User Info: ninkendo

1 month ago#30
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