B8UCA Discussion Topic X-70: The Final Countdown

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User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
1 month ago#211
I have the power of God AND anime on my side
Let justice roll like a mighty stream

User Info: eaedwards6400

1 month ago#212
eaedwards6400 posted...
*eaed turns to Eddvs snide comment and hits him with an old school Future Shock DDT. Then turns and hits Sultan with the TIME s***TERING SPEAR*

YOU'RE BOTH SO SELFISH! We could have done anything we wanted. We too could have challenged for the tag titles but instead you're too busy fighting each other! It's bulls***!!

*eaed goes to walk out to see the contract laying on the mat*

We're doing this? We're really doing this? You know what. Yeah.

*eaed adds a third line and signs the contract.*

At E-PopMania X, I'm going to clean up some black marks on my record and avenge myself from E-PopMania V. Then, I will continue to beat the Sultan and I will be the last Edwards standing!

*puts on the GM hat*

Well folks you heard it here first, at E-PopMania, the TRIFECTA EXPLODES. eaed vs eddv vs Sultan!!!

Also; thank you for watching the final eaed episode of Ruin!!
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User Info: Apollo_Phoenix

1 month ago#213
Apollo_Phoenix posted...
we just beat whiskey on the rocks last month

but f*** it, I refuse to let there be even the tiniest doubts about our dominance and qualifications for being the undisputed Eternal champions. If that means completing the clean sweep of Whiskey on the Rocks and beating mcflubbin too, that's fine by me.

In fact, seeing as 1) just about anybody and everyone is just declaring themselves for this match anyway without actually earning a shot and 2) we are, currently, the lineal greatest tag team and faction of all time, consider the following an official invitation from the Throne:

Leading up to Epopmania, Strife and I have defended these titles against the world, and no matter who it was or how long they'd teamed, The Kingdom came out victorious. Fittingly, at Epopmania, The Kingdom is ready to go out by taking on the world all the same. I'm throwing down a completely open challenge for ANY tag team--current, previous, or even new--that thinks they have what it takes to rip these titles away from us at UCA's final stage. I raise your Fatal 4-way and say: Make it a fatal 5-way! A 6-pack challenge! 7 teams in heaven! An 8-way Melee! It doesn't matter, because we can and will enter the UCA oblivion STILL your Kings and Tag Team champions.

Thank you, good night, and remember:

Forever. We Will Reign.
The King of the Board, whose name is Phoenix
Long May I Reign

User Info: XIII_rocks

1 month ago#214
UCA Has Ended With No Lynch: Tom (c) vs. Wigs (Undisputed HW Title)
The Greatest Teams Collide: Apollo/Strife (c) vs. Empire of Silence (Shad/Stifled) vs. Boko United (GTM/Dante) vs. Whiskey on the Rocks Brand Faction (Nick/flubbin) (Tag Titles)
MW Title Comes Back to Square One: Boko (c) vs. Raven aka ZSig (MW Title)
The Masters of MELEE: Solio (c) vs. Maniac (MELEE MAYHEM rules match for the MELEE MAYHEM Title)
The Trifecta EXPLODES: eaedwards vs. eddv vs. TheSultanOfSlam
UCA's first event, remade: ExThaNemesis vs. Steinershocker
A final celebration of the new: Emerald vs. David
Bloody, Lethal Vengeance: LusterSoldier vs. UCA_Hype_Guy in a DEATHMATCH TO THE DEATH MATCH
Who is the true master?: ZaziGuado (c) vs. Korayashi in a JAPANESE TABLES MATCH for the MASTER OF TAYBLES title
The Final Champion: LW Title Battle Royal ft. various alumni - confirmed in are FFDragon, TheKnightOfNee, FAHtastic aka JackMan, Dr_Football, Sir Cobain, BEAR

Barring one or two final additions this is your Epopmania X card!
Not to be confused with XIII_Stones.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Emeraldegg

1 month ago#215

Strife - 12
Stifled - 7

XIII - 8
Solio - 6

Maniac - 5
DP - 10

Zazi - 4
Wigs (in eaed mask) - 9

Boko/GTM - 9
Timecop1/Timecop2 - 5

War - 6
Mcflubbin - 9

Tom - 3
Apollo - 1
I'm a greener egg than the eggs from dr. seuss
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: XIII_rocks

1 month ago#216
I beat Solio 8-6 I think
Not to be confused with XIII_Stones.

User Info: Emeraldegg

1 month ago#217
you are correct, fixed
I'm a greener egg than the eggs from dr. seuss

User Info: Strife2

4 weeks ago#218
Tom – In a week, will pass Shad and David for 3rd Longest Undisputed Championship Reign (82 v. 84 and 87); In a week, will pass XIII and Shad for 4th in all-time Undisputed Championship Days (111 v. 113 and 116)

Wigs – Tomorrow, will break tie with Rusty for 7th in all-time LW Championship Days (105x2); In a week, will pass 300 days and Nee for 10th in all-time singles championship days (299 v. 303)

Solio – In a week, will pass Eaed and GTM for 9th Longest MM Title Reign (41 v. 43 and 46)

Boko – In a week, will pass KCF0107 and Football for 3rd in all-time MW Championship Days (100 v. 102 and 105)

Strife&Apollo – No New Milestones Reached

Only one more title sheet to go. In many cases, there aren't any milestones left for people.
"Evening caress, Always yearning, I must confess, The stars aren't burning"
Copernicus - Candlemass

User Info: Strife2

4 weeks ago#219
While I'm not busy, I want to let Stifled know that the loss was his own fault. I beat him at his own game. I care very little for open challenges or fights right now. Go ahead and make "one last great show" at my expense if you want, but that's only if you have the balls to get it done. Speaking of, I see all these "historic tag teams" clamoring for one more opportunity.

I ask, where the HELL were you when the division needed you? For that matter, where were you when UCA needed you? Apollo and I busted our ass to elevate ourselves and these championships, but when we put challenges out to you, and when Eaed and others provided opportunities, did none of you say, "You know, we want to face the best? Only now that Rumble and Mania come calling do you offer yourselves as challenges. I cry for the fate of the division I wanted to make great, but was met with complete apathy.

Apollo threw out one more challenge to any team worth a damn. I'm not sure why though. You didn't answer us when we needed you. Why should I expect you to bring it to Mania when it counts?

We have no more time left. Obviously, I have no more f***s to give in many things. So I will say this very...simply. None of you, NONE of you deserve to take this from Apollo and I. I don't appreciate spending my valuable time...our valuable time placating weak-minded people who can't see opportunities in front of their stupid faces.

UCA will die.
Pathetic "tag teams" will die.
This "division" will die.

Will I find any solace when UCA's bad luck finally catches up and kills it? No. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Good riddance to people who don't measure up to The Kingdom, and good riddance to anyone who thinks they "deserve" to take our last moment away from us. Maybe I'll find some happiness when I skin each and every opponent alive in front of the world. After all, there's no point in hurting myself if I don't share it with everyone else.

Come to Mania and find your glory. All you will find instead is my hands around your neck.
"Evening caress, Always yearning, I must confess, The stars aren't burning"
Copernicus - Candlemass
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: XIII_rocks

4 weeks ago#220
Combat will be up tomorrow...morning US time. Should still keep us on schedule.
Not to be confused with XIII_Stones.
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