The Great 2018 Video Game Challenge

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User Info: Mega Mana

Mega Mana
1 month ago#31
34. Beat a game with an animal lead

"In my headcanon, some staffer saw Trump pull out his phone and start typing so they just Terry Tate Office Linebacker'd him out of his shoes." - FFD

User Info: Arti

1 month ago#32
30. Beat a game with a female lead

Blue Reflection

Starting this off again.

insert something about BKSheikah here

User Info: tazzyboyishere

1 month ago#33
41. Beat a game with a Metascore below 70
Berserk and the Band of the Hawk
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User Info: Zyxyz0

1 month ago#34
27. Beat a game with mystery as a central theme

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Starting off the new year with one of my Steam Secret Santa gifts—I've read/watched LPs of it before, so the story isn't new to me, but it's still nice to be able to actually play through it myself.


I also beat Aviary Attorney near the end of 2017, but I forgot to add it to that year's spreadsheet in time, so I guess it didn't count. Whoops!
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User Info: RyoCaliente

1 month ago#35
So, with technically unbeatable games, you mean things like FIFA or something, right?
How paralyzingly dull, boring and tedious!

User Info: Robazoid

1 month ago#36
It's up to you since a lot of people define their own criteria for 'beating' something. Something like MOBA games or online FPS games could be considered beaten after winning one round, for example, or they could be considered technically unbeatable.

User Info: 5tarscream

1 month ago#37
I'd like to join in but can't use Google docs in China. If I update here would anyone be willing to update the spreadsheet for me
User ID: 4002777

User Info: Robazoid

1 month ago#38
Sure, I could add your stuff periodically!

User Info: 5tarscream

1 month ago#39
47. Play a technically unbeatable game for at least six hours

User ID: 4002777

User Info: MZero11

1 month ago#40
I beat Sonic CD om January 1st but I want to use it for 50-52 with Sonic 1 and Sonic 3

But man Sonic 1 is kicking me in the nuts
MZero, to the extreme
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