The Great 2018 Video Game Challenge

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User Info: KCF0107

4 months ago#161
28. Beat a game with the supernatural as a central theme
Enigmatis 3: The Curse of Karkhala

It's nice to start off the year with mostly sub-5 hour games
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User Info: Johnbobb

4 months ago#162
2. Beat a game released between 1990-1999
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

As much as I think remakes are overdone, these type of point-and-click adventure games are exactly the kind of games I'd like to see remade. Remakes are what got me to play Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle, both of which I enjoyed quite a bit.

I'd love to see that with this one. The biggest strengths (the horror, the story structure) would remain, but the issues (arbitrary and exhausting action lists, interactive items blending into the background) could easily be fixed

One of the most frustrating moments was trying to open a locked sarcophagus. When I entered the room, I attempted to "use" it and saw it was locked. After figuring out how to unlock it and exhausting every option multiple times, I finally figured out that the game wouldn't move forward because I hadn't "looked" at it... to see that it was locked, which I had already discovered by using it.
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User Info: Mega Mana

Mega Mana
4 months ago#163
44. Beat a game based on licensed stories/characters

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

- I liked X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance back in the day, and picked this up from a closing Gamestop five years ago. I tried it once, but was completely perplexed since it started, for some reason, in the middle of the bug jungle without any rhyme or reason. I don't exactly know what happened, but it was a mess and I just gave up thinking it was just badly bugged.

There was a Watchmojo thing I watched the other day that listed, as of 2014, X-Men Legends II as one of the ten best Marvel video games. I found that surprising, but it got me thinking about it and I spent the weekend powering through.

It was fun. I infinitely prefer the story and levels design of the first game, and much prefer the roster and tech trees of M:UA, but there was a nice forward momentum in this one that didn't stall out like you had with Magma at school segments. The cinematics were good, and the roster was more varied than expected.

I tore through the last two levels with ease as I used Toad the entire game, loaded everything into tongue techs and crits, and had him take every tech station available. He was decimating everything while everyone else was struggling. I felt like a god! MWAHAHA~!
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User Info: SantaRPidgey

4 months ago#164
Toad is the best character for marvel games always. Sad he never got put in as playable again.

User Info: Mobilezoid

4 months ago#165
I don't think the bump bot is functioning right now so bump
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User Info: Robazoid

4 months ago#166

User Info: Shonen_Bat

4 months ago#167
33. Beat a game with a robot/artificial lead

Mega Man 4.
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39. Finish a game in one day


This was a PS+ freebie awhile back and I still feel like I paid too much. It’s a game about the history of typography and that sentence still isn’t boring enough to indicate how boring it is. It’s like reading five Wikipedia articles on how Times New Roman and Didot came into being. Oh and the controls are butt too. You play as a colon (!) and if either ball is touching the ground that ball will jump when you hit the jump button. It leads to the controls being a mess because you can never predict how exactly your colon is going to jump unless it’s on perfectly even ground. Bad. Very bad, not good, no fun. BOOOO.

But it takes like an hour to finish so there’s that.

Completed: 2/50
Categories finished: #9, #39
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User Info: Mega Mana

Mega Mana
4 months ago#169
27. Beat a game with mystery as a central theme

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux

- Absolutely gorgeous game. Half the time I didn't want to run around because it was so beautiful just to walk and enjoy the view.
- The beginning of the game was the best part with just no explanation for what you're doing, how you're doing it, what's going on... there's a general WTF-ness to a lot of things early on.
- Pretty compelling story and some interesting puzzles.

- Extremely linear. As a game, it feels like it punishes me for trying to explore. Not only is there a lot of empty space (though amazing if you're just walking around enjoying things and not trying to find and save a kid from getting murdered by his crazy family) but there are buildings that look super interesting from afar but ended being a single room or two with little lingering interest.

Overall it was a fun experience that definitely had my heart racing as my brain was full of confusion and paranoia for the first half, but didn't sustain that atmosphere as things wound down. After finishing, I'm kind of glad there wasn't more to it, but also kind of sad about it. Beautiful game though. Very very beautiful and enveloping atmosphere.

Fridge Brilliance: Early on, looking at the beautiful sunset, I was really expecting it to start getting dark out and really intensify the fear I was already feeling (especially the astronaut chase). After a while, I was wondering why it wasn't moving, as much as I loved it. Then... the ending, remembering all the clocks I had passed... brilliant brilliant play game. Oh that was sweet.
"In my headcanon, some staffer saw Trump pull out his phone and start typing so they just Terry Tate Office Linebacker'd him out of his shoes." - FFD

User Info: Johnbobb

4 months ago#170
Vanishing of Ethan Carter is pretty easily one of the best first-person-exploration games, and one of the best indie games period.

In hindsight I'm glad it didn't overstay its welcome (in my opinion anyway) and kept the mystery just long enough to make the payoff as powerful as it was.

Also the rooms puzzle f***ed me up
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
PSN/Steam: CheddarBBQ
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