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User Info: MCGIV

4 years ago#1
I just finished the last mission in far cry 4 where you either kill or spare pagan
after i was driving about and on the radio station the women who broadcasts pagans messages said

"to the loyal people of the royal army - the basket is by the door , the torch is no longer lit
i repeat - the basket is by the door, the torch is no longer lit"

any ideas what this means?

User Info: Halofreka

4 years ago#2
It could be some sought of code for the royal army, since the radio announcer says it's a message to all remaining loyal forces

"The basket is at the door, the torch is no longer lit"

"Pack up and fall back to the remaining strong holds, we are no longer in control"

That's what I think, anyway

User Info: Mon_Dieu_Mel

4 years ago#3
The same announcer always concludes with that bit about "let Pagan's light shine upon you," which definitely gives the new broadcast some context.
Shut up, fatty. -Mon Dieu Mel

User Info: Y2_Mckay

4 years ago#4
That's very cool - since I captured all the towers before dealing with Min, I never got that message. May have to play it through again, and do things in a different order to see what other kind of cool "alternate timeline" stuff there is in this game.
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