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User Info: KRcrap

6 years ago#1
Not vague concepts like God (Arceus), but things like Sableye who is based off a gremlin/goblin/imp, Abomasnow = Yeti, Mawile is based off that mouth-at-the-back-of-head demon from Japanese folklore, Slowbro is based off Sazae Oni, Froslass is based off Yuki Onna, Legendary Genies = Oni, and these are the only ones I know.

User Info: LordMaine

6 years ago#2
Dunsparce is based off the Tsuchinoko
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User Info: Sebas27

6 years ago#3
Hydreigon=Lemian Hydra/Yamata No Orochi(primary concept)/Gorynch

User Info: Thard_Verad

6 years ago#4
Ho-oh is clearly a Phoenix. He even carries Sacred Ash.
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User Info: Xeno3064

6 years ago#5
Shiftry is like a Tengu... Something. Idk I forgot what they're called its Japanese folk-lore
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User Info: LordMaine

6 years ago#6
I heard a rumor that hypno was loosely based off of the elusive ice cream man.
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User Info: Bunselpower

6 years ago#7
Golurk is based on the legendary mythical creature, the Golem. the Prague Golem is a good example of this.
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User Info: Gilgamesh2010

6 years ago#8
Magikarp is based off of that Japanese waterfall jumping fish thing.

User Info: Un0rthad0Xx

6 years ago#9
I could post several pages describing the ones i know. But to be breif

Most (if not all) legendaries are based off mythology

Also darmanitan, dunsparce, ninetails, lombre, mawile, whishcash, golurk and froslass just to name a few of many

And although its not mythology, a lot of pokemon are well thought out and refer to actual creatures or stories.

Sableye is based on a famous reported goblin sighting

farfetched and its lore are based around an idiom

Trapinch/flygon is based on the antlion, which sprouts wings as an adult
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User Info: Temileaf

6 years ago#10

Drowzee, ladies and gentlemen.
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