disc read error image 41 HELP

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User Info: lootmeister777

3 years ago#1
i can't get though a match without getting this error i dont know what to do i just got the game today but thanks to this error and freezing the game is now unplayable SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME

User Info: kgrc

3 years ago#2
**** this error ! Its a serious pain in the ass.the way I fixed it was to first delete all emblems as usually a image file error occurs when you are making a emblem and something goes wrong in the process of saving it.
If this does not fix the issue the best thing to do is delete the games saves from your hdd delete everything aw related from your hdd you will lose your single player campaign progress but your multiplayer stats will be saved on the back end servers so after you re install your multiplayer progress will be there.

Hope this helps you and anyone else suffering this error let me know the outcome.

User Info: AlphaSnoWulf

3 years ago#3
Sounds terrible. So emblems are what cause the image file over 4000 or whatever?
Cricketbugs don't wear shoes!
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  3. disc read error image 41 HELP

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