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User Info: efmtx

9 months ago#1
What's the online polulation like these days?

User Info: jojopellegrino

8 months ago#2
Curious to know myself. Assumed most people were not playing this anymore...
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User Info: FefnirOmega13

8 months ago#3
Last I played it was pretty much like the earlier games; TDM is fairly active, Domination and Kill Confirmed quite a bit less and usually done only for the daily supply drops at which point everyone leaves after they get them, everything else empty.

Make sure you have all DLC or no DLC or you won't find anyone at all.
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User Info: efmtx

8 months ago#4

User Info: FrankFontaine1

8 months ago#5
I honestly just need to play a bunch of survival rounds and get to the zombie bonus round so I can get the platinum. Anyone here interested?

User Info: VaughnMaul

8 months ago#6
playing in Europe as we speak! Lobbies are full.
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