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User Info: CarlBarker

6 years ago#1
I heard of this happening in other COD games but I never encountered it myself until today.

Anyone else have this error come up?

User Info: Angelus72

6 years ago#2

User Info: CarlBarker

6 years ago#3
I'm guessing it has to do with splitscreen. We'll be playing and it'll suddenly turn black and take us to the lobby.

It's not too bad but it's still an annoyance. Happens almost everyday.

User Info: CarlBarker

6 years ago#4
Does no one on here play splitscreen? I'm guessing the PS4 ram can't handle rendering two screens :/

It's happening just about every match now

User Info: Sanity_Gone

6 years ago#5
I splitscreen and it's fine. Might be something on your end.
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User Info: CarlBarker

6 years ago#6
Maybe but it's also happening to a couple of friends too.


User Info: flame030191

6 years ago#7
I heard it's most common on PC version's campaign. It's likely some bug in the game that will get patched fairly quick, just like most of MW3's "Out of Memory" issues.

User Info: CarlBarker

6 years ago#8
I hope it does.

I mainly bought it for splitscreen play.

User Info: jayj350

6 years ago#9
I've been experiencing the same issues when I tried to play online matches in split screen.
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User Info: xmen

6 years ago#10
Theres an update patch today. Im downloading it now.
Hopefully it will iron out any issues you're experiencing.
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