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User Info: tryv1

2 years ago#1
I just saw it on sale in the PS Store. Looks interesting. I generally like old school turn based jrpgs. But if it's too slow I lose interest.

Has anyone made it to endgame yet? Are there superbosses?
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User Info: Nasteeman

2 years ago#2
Well, I haven't gotten too far yet, but I like it so far. It's definitely in the style of 90's turn-based JRPGs. Combat is nice so far, looks like it'll get deeper as the game goes on, graphics are nice and colorful. Can't tell much about the story yet, but I find the writing of the dialog to be decent, I'm hopeful the story will be the same. I think it'll end up being worth the 25 bucks I paid for it.
I hope.
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User Info: Sephzinho

2 years ago#3
Its a great turn bases RPG and a challenging one...Dont expect to breeze boss fights... Its really nostalgic

User Info: Vivox

2 years ago#4
I'm not really big on turn based RPG's anymore to be honest (absolutely loved them as a kid), as I've gotten older Ive'd moved to more actiony RPG's. But have to admit, this game is pretty damn fun. Before I knew it I had 25 hours into it, and didn't play anything else until I had the plat. One thing, story is not the focus here. Everything is just kinda glanced over, but for some reason it didn't bother me.
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