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  3. Will the light and dark elements be more available?

User Info: Tarahoo9t

4 years ago#1
We bought trap team for my son for Christmas. He lost his gaming privileges for a while and so we are just now trying to get the light and dark elements. Why are they so impossible to find? Is there a plan to have a another release or did they just do a limited release in December and that's it? VERY frustrating. We've spent a small fortune on skylanders the last 3 years and I'm getting pretty sick of not being able to find stuff or having to pay double or triple the price for things.

User Info: Abyss0514

4 years ago#2
Well they should be in local stores I know target has them so does toyrus but if I were you I'd try GameStop either in store or online usually if not always will be free shipping, the light pack is harder to find tho best bet would be ordering online. Hope this helps

User Info: trakaar

4 years ago#3
In Houston i bought them on day of release thinking they'd be hard to find. They've had them in my area in Walmart, best buy, gamestop, tru and target sitting on the shelf.

Guess it really depends on the area for quantity. Don't pay inflated prices friend, it'll show up. I'm still hoping to find kaos one day. After seeing how they release stuff i probably would've gone Disney infinity for my kids if tru didn't let me buy close to 20 pre trap team skylanders almost nothing.

User Info: andreasaspenber

4 years ago#4
i got them from platekompaniet and gamestop in january but gamestop is out and are only restocking swap force skylanders. only one platekompaniet have them. toys`r`us i have not checked as it is on the other side of the city.

User Info: DGAFPolar

4 years ago#5
My tru has a crap ton of them. But they just got a huge batch with the wave 4 release. I would check tru online before paying more than retail for them
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  3. Will the light and dark elements be more available?
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