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User Info: DragonFerrets

4 years ago#1
Hi everybody. I'm a major skylanders fan but I have the starter pack and I want to know in what order villain elements appear. I know it begins life, then water but that's as far as I've gone and I'm just buying one trap per element. Thanks in advance!
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User Info: TGSnowwy

4 years ago#2
Assuming no mistakes in my notes:
Ch 1: Life, Water
Ch 2: Earth, Air, Water
Ch 3: Tech, Life x2
Ch 4: Tech, Water, Life
Ch 5: Magic, Fire
Ch 6: Tech, Undead, Water
Ch 7: Earth, Dark, Light
Ch 8: Undead, Magic, Air
Ch 9: Life, Air
Ch 10: Magic, Dark
Ch 11: Fire, Tech
Ch 12: Water
Ch 13: Light, Undead
Ch 14: Fire, Water
Ch 15: Dark
Ch 16: Undead, Earth
Ch 17: Air, Earth
Ch 18: Kaos
Midnight Museum (19): Dark
Sunscraper Spire (20): Light
Nightmare Express (21): Tech, Light
Mirror of Mystery (22): Life, Tech

So, basically: Life, Water, Earth, Air, Tech, Magic, Fire, Undead, Dark, Light, spoiler.

User Info: Lastjustice

4 years ago#3
- Villains and traps- There's 11 different types of traps.(Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Magic, Tech, Undead,Life , Dark, Light and "Kaos" for Kaos Himself.) You need at least one of each top play as every trappable villain. There's 46+ villains, but you can cycle between what you have in each trap at the villain vault. Traps memorize what you've done with each villain during it's time being in the trap.(Hats, quests or nicknames are all saved to that exact trap.) So whatever quests you complete with a villain will be saved to the trap not the save file. So if you get a second or more traps of the same type, it will not have the villains with quests you've done evolved. (by doing a special mission for each villian you get a new look, and increased stats which make them much stronger...though not always cooler looking as I prefer a few of their original color schemes over their evolved forms.) If you go to a friends house or play on another file(such as for nightmare mode.), the trap will still recall everything it's done like any other skylander you but you won't be able to cycle to any villain that file doesn't have access. So keep whatever good one in there till you get back to your native file.

You will always get credit for capturing a villain you defeat(money, Skystone, check mark on the list), but you will not be able to play as them till you get the proper type of trap. Once you get the proper trap, you can always go to the vault and load the villain of choice straight into the trap. You do not need recapture them for each trap. You do need redo quests if you want to have all the villain options able to be evolved. I'd recommend sticking with one trap everyone goes into for your intial play thru just be able to cycle them freely. If you get additional traps later, then you can designate a certain villain to specfic trap, and not need redo all quests.

Truthfully unless you are the most hardcore of collectors I don't recommend more than 2 traps of any element since there's really only so many villains worth having on demand such as Wolfgang, Hoodsickle for undead, why I have two Undead traps.(Or crankcase and Trolling Thunder for tech.) Some elements have a really short list like Magic as there's only 3 villains, but 6 different trap types; Having more traps than villains. You can have the same villain in multiple traps though if you really like a villain. All traps of the same element function the same outside of whatever unique appearance and nick names they get.
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User Info: andreasaspenber

4 years ago#4
each trap shows as part of your collection so if you want a full collection you need all traps.

User Info: DragonFerrets

4 years ago#5
Thanks all.
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